Interview: Tomas Akvik of LIK

This interview was a bit personal for me. Not only because it was my first Zoom interview with someone outwith the UK, but because I am a huge fan of LIK and the scene they come from. I am of course talking about my first love of the Swedish death metal scene and how these Stockholm maniacs have embraced and reminded us all why the Swedes were always one of the front runners of the worldwide death metal scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

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Fast forward 30 years and here we are with a band like LIK who keep the fire burning with their HM-2 influenced sound of Dismember and Entombed. What sets LIK apart, though, is the quality of the songwriting from Tomas and the band, preventing them from being mere clones of the aforementioned bands.

LIK are releasing their third album Misanthropic Breed on September 25th, their second through Metal Blade. I for one am eagerly awaiting the chance to hear it, but until then I had the pleasure of talking to Tomas about all things LIK and music in general.

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Thank you for your time, Tomas, and I wish you and LIK all the best for the album launch.

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