Interview: Baz and Viixen from Black Roze

Steve Saunders from Motivated Music Management contacted myself asking me to interview Black Roze online. For those of you that  know me, Black Roze are well off my beaten track when it comes to my musical tastes but what I discovered was that I could not find two nicer people to chat to. Black Roze hail from Kent and play sleaze rock with some gothic overtones and with all the positive reviews that their debut album Spiritual Hell received last October, Black Roze were destined for much bigger and better things.

A huge UK tour was booked for the early months of this year which unfortunately had to be cancelled for obvious reasons. Black Roze though have come back with a bang and have released a video “Soul on Fire” letting the masses know that the band are alive and well. I therefore took it upon myself to have a chat with Baz and Viixen regarding the single “Soul on Fire”, how songs are made within the band and plans to tour. I would like to personally thank you Baz and Viixen for your time and wish you and the band the best of luck.

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Black Roze: official | facebook | youtube | spotify


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Maureen Hill
Maureen Hill
July 24, 2020 8:15 PM

Great interview, good to hear how the videos came about especially as I have the album Spiritual Hell.

Reply to  Maureen Hill
August 7, 2020 7:19 PM

It’s nice when a band share something like that!