Interview: Andrés Vargas of Thy Antichrist

Thy Antichrist recently finished up their first ever European tour with Carach Angren and Wolfheart which covered a pretty vast part of the continent. We recently had the chance to send a few questions over to frontman Andrés to get his take on the recent tour and his thoughts on the relationship between social media and being in a band.

You recently completed your first European tour with Carach Angren and Wolfheart. What would you say were some of the most memorable parts of the tour?

This was a really long tour with 30 shows in 17 countries. The whole tour has been memorable because it has been an amazing life experience. To visit so many countries, meeting so many fans and friends for the first time throughout the 20 years of work with my band. It’s really difficult to pick a specific part because every show, every town, and every country has been special for me and the band.

The most recent album, Wrath of the Beast was released last year. How do you feel it has been received?

The album had a really great response from fans and critics. The hits “Desolation”, “Metal to the Bone” and “The Great Beast” have been in consistent rotation through digital platforms. Which of course, we were promoting the album during the European tour.

Roughly how long does it take to “get into character” (apply face-paint, put on stage clothes etc) for the show?

Usually, it takes me 2.5 hrs of the self-ritualistic trance before I step on stage.

Where does the inspiration for the lyrics come from?

Some of the main influences comes from Nietzsche’s philosophy and personal reflections on the chaotic reality mankind lives in these modern times. Reflections about the broken and decadent economic, religious, and political systems, and of course, the collapse of nature right in front of our eyes.

What are three bands that you think people should check out from your local area?

Insinnerator, Maiestas and Ignis Noctem.

A guest question from Stone Theory: What do you think of the relationship between social media and being a band in this day and age?

I think nowadays social media is the most important tool to any artist, business or person of expressing or sharing art, emotions, idea, news, etc., with the world. Social media is the additional member of the band. The music business has been changed vastly compared to the past decade and social media of course promotes that change.

Another guest question from Cleopatrick: What is the one thing you wish every venue had?

Because of my unique live performance, removing a lot of body and hair paint, I wish every venue had showers!

And finally, which do you prefer: tea or coffee?

As a Colombian guy, I’m committing a crime if I pick tea! You know some of the best coffee in the world is from the Colombian mountains, so of course I cannot start my day without the aroma and taste of black coffee.

All photos by Bukavac Photography

Thy Antichrist: facebook | twitter | bandcamp

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