Bloodstock 2019 Interview: Tomorrow is Lost

A band we’ve followed for a while, it was very pleasant news to hear that they’d made their way through Metal to the Masses to play at Bloodstock…

Tomorrow Is Lost (c) Sean Larkin

You’ve just finished playing the New Blood stage. How did it go?

Yes! It was awesome!

This is your first time performing but have you attended the festival in the past?

Afraid not, no!

How are you finding it so far?

It’s very big! And very wet! Big and wet but awesome!

You’re only here for the day because I believe you’re up to something this weekend, right?

We are indeed up to something!

Can you divulge any details?

Nah! [laughs] We can’t do that… you guys have been very, very good to us but we’ve just started work on the album last week. So it’s going to be our first proper full-length. We’re making progress, we think. We’re on time for everything; we’ve got another two and a bit weeks to go so back to the grind tomorrow. But we’re having a wicked time.

You came through the Metal 2 the Masses. What was your experience of doing that?

It was very nerve-wracking. We think we’ve struck all those memories from our brains and all we can remember is the good stuff now. The thing for us is we don’t often get the chance to play Newcastle so we got to play three absolute mint shows in Newcastle although Josh [Fodden, bass] only played the final!

That’s the one that counts anyway!

Yeah, just skived his way to the final [laughs]. But to play three mint shows in your hometown, what more could you want than that? The support that we had at each of the heats was unreal – just really, really good!

Being more of a rock band, how does it feel being part of a metal festival?

We were all really paranoid about it, especially in the final when all of the bands were so heavy. And then we played and we were like “Well…”

We’d packed up all of our stuff and were pretty much gone by the time by the time they’d announced the winners. We were like “Wow, what?!” We’re a bit like a fish out of water but we think we went down really well, actually. It’s a testament of the diversity of this festival and the amount of different bands you hear here.

Photos by Sean Larkin and Drew Scott

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