Bloodstock 2019 Interview: Sulpher

First timers at Bloodstock, Sulpher played the SOPHIE stage on the Friday. Ross assures me they don’t smell as bad as their namesake…

Sulpher (c) Drew Scott

You’ve just finished playing the Sophie stage, how did it go?

Rob: I thought it was fucking amazing!

Monti: Yeah, I enjoyed it. Nice getting on a proper stage, wasn’t it?

Rob: Good, good stuff. Few tech problems: amp blew up, one of the mic stands bust. Other than that…

Was it a quick turnaround on sorting?

Rob: Two songs so not so quick…

Have you played at Bloodstock before?

Rob: Never. We’re Bloodstock virgins. I’ve been to see some other bands, though, a couple of years ago.

What’s your thoughts on Bloodstock as a festival?

Rob: It’s full of metal! [laughs] Metal, black hair, boots…mud!

Monti: There’s always mud here!

Rob: I dunno, ask him, he’s here every year! [laughs]

Only 2016 but it was sunny the entire weekend!

Rob: There you go then!

You’ve been in some different projects over the years (Jesus and Mary Chain, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson). How has today’s crowd differed?

Rob: The bigger acts always had a massive crowd and always into it from the beginning. We had to win a few over in there. As the set went on, more people came into the tent and the majority would never have seen us. The response was cool and we’re well happy about that.

How did you split the set between the two albums? How’s the newer material working with the older stuff?

Rob: About half and half. I think it works well.

Monti: It’s a bit different.

Rob: It’s a little more industrial, the older stuff and the newer is more… organic. I think we’re going to go in the more electronic area for the next one.

Monti: Playing it live merges it all together a bit more anyway than the studio stuff. You’ll get that live sound.

Are you going to be touring more before moving onto the next record?

Rob: Our last album came out last September so we’ve been doing a ton of shows for that the past ten months. We’re going to work on some new stuff soon.

Is this now the only project you’re working on?

Rob: We’re only doing Sulpher at the moment, yeah, just concentrating on that.

So are you here for the entire weekend?

Rob: He’s going home, I’m going home and then we’re coming back to see Queensryche and Scorpions on Sunday. We came early today to see Soulfly.

Monti: Yeah, we saw a bit of them.

Did you get caught in the rain?

Yeah, we showed up just as the hailstorm arrived…

Photos by Drew Scott

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