Interview: The Lounge Kittens

The Lounge Kittens are a burst of vibrant energy, doing something totally unique to them – you will not hear anything like them anywhere else. Alongside this, they are the nicest ladies I have had the opportunity to interview!

In the Lounge Kittens we have Jenny, the red headed beauty who sings soprano and plays those magical keys; Zan in the role of alto, the tall amazing pink goddess; and last but by no means least Timia singing bass – known as either the blue kitten or resting bitch face Kitten. However it’s nothing personal, she’s just deep in thought!

I caught the Kittens for their interview just before Wagamama followed by their epic home town gig.

So ladies, I know it all started in the dark of the Dungeon Club, but what really happened?

Zan: We never talk about what happens in the Dungeon, those from Southampton know what happens in the Dungeon stays in the Dungeon! We were out drinking, it was the first night we went to hang out as friends. The girls (Jen and Timia) had already had the idea for the band and had the name. They asked “Do you want to be a Lounge Kitten?” and it went from there.

Timia: We did nothing for six months.

So Jen, didn’t you run the Rock Choir in Southampton?

Jen: I did, I ran multiple ones in the area for six years, it’s actually how we all met! Timia was in my choir to start with then Zan joined and that is how we all became acquainted and led to the Dungeon.

Any favourite songs?

Jen: It changes all the time, it goes in waves…

Timia: Yeah like a flavour of the month, generally anything hard and fast.

Zan: The faster medleys are the most fun to sing live, instant gratification for the fans. I love the moment of recognition on the fans’ faces. I’m really enjoying singing “Love Walked In” by Thunder on this tour. It’s a big belty rock’n’roll track.

Jen: I really love playing “One Step Closer”, it’s really satisfying and growing every time we sing it.

Any favourite gigs?

Jen: Westholt Bar at Glastonbury, our first Glastonbury, they were swinging from the ceiling!

Timia: Sonisphere, our first tent show, that was really, really special. We will never forget that wide eyed first time teary feeling. None of us saw that coming.

Zan: Download 2017 when we walked out, and we were back stage and said to the crew “Are there people out there?”. So long as we know there a few people out there, we’re fine, and they said “Yeah there’s a few, it’s starting to fill up” and we went out there and all you could see was people to the edge of the tent and out the doors, like 50 deep outside the tent. That was just insane! Nothing picks you up more than not being able to see anything but people.

Homecoming – how is that?

Zan: We’re excited, going to be amazing, hometown show, it’s always a great crowd. It’s always really nice stepping out knowing it’s a room of friends and people who have been here since the beginning.  They’re just so behind us as we are their own band, it’s just like performing to a wall of love!

A movie about you is being made, who would play you?

Jen: Tina Fey, I get it all the time! I like Tina Fey, I’m totally happy with that.

Zan: Cher, she looks younger than I do!

Timia: I don’t know (Zan) Rik Mayall, Rik Mayall would do a great you!

Zan: Maybe we should just make a movie where we all play each other…

Timia: It would be like that episode of The Young Ones where they all come out in the wrong outfits!

All: Well it’s been decided then!

Coming to a cinema near you… The Lounge Kittens. Zan is Timia, Timia is Zan and Jen, is Jen! Or Tina Fey…

Photos by Amy Harris-Abbott of CE Photography

The Lounge Kittens: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube | instagram

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