HRH Metal 2019 Interview: Winter Storm

Prior to their performance at HRH Metal, I had the opportunity to chat with Winter Storm about their upcoming performance and some advice they have for bands just starting out.

You’re playing at HRH today, are you looking forward to it?

We’re quite looking forward to it and will be nice to return. We played here 2 years ago with a different line-up so it’ll be nice to make a return.

This is the second year the festival has sold out. Can you think of any reasons why?

The lineup is pretty awesome. Hard Rock Hell are known for booking really good bands and putting together really good line-ups and everyone just wants to come and be a part of it. There’s a good community around it as well.

If you had to put together a touring package with yourselves as main support and a opening band, who would you pick?

We’d say Nightwish as we’d really love to open for them. They’re one of our favourite bands so it would be awesome to open for them. Maybe Devin Townsend on the bill as well somewhere. Though he’s a bit big to be opening for us!

If you had to pick next years headliner, who would you pick?

That’s a really difficult one to answer. Our individual influences vary wildly in the band so to pick one would be difficult. If we had to pick though, Alien Weaponry would be one we’d like to see as they’re a great band.

What is one thing you wish someone told you before you started?

There’s been a lot of things but I’d say be prepared for member losses and how much it takes out of you emotionally. Also, just how effective communication is in a band. Find people who you click with, listen to you and communicate with everyone. Also having people take the time to understand you is key.

Tea or Coffee?


Winter Storm: facebook | instagram | bandcamp

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