HRH Interview: Eyes of the Raven

Prior to their performance on stage 3 at this year’s HRH metal, I had the opportunity to chat with Eyes of the Raven about their gear and some advice for bands starting out.

You’re playing at HRH today are you looking forward to it?

Yes, very much so. We’ve just been through all the rooms and there’s really good attendance in all of them. Hopefully they’ll be a good turn out for us as well. For those that know us they know that we don’t really gig much but this year we’re turning that around and playing some more gigs.

This is the second year the festival has sold out. Can you think of any reasons why?

The sheer amount of bands that are on. It’s a good chance to see a band that you’ve maybe heard of but never had chance to see. The live performance always cements the band we think so we try and make sure our performances are good.

What is a band local to your area that should be getting more attention?

Pelugion. It is difficult for bands though in this day and age to get their name out. Trying to stand out from the crowd is difficult due to the sheer amount of bands that can be around at any given moment.

What gear are you using today?

Our guitarist is using a Boss Katana 50 which is really awesome. You can get some really good sounds out of them and it’s super easy to use. Our bassist uses a Trace Elliot amp and recently got a wireless rig. The wireless rigs are great and means we are no longer tripping over cables. Recommended purchase for anyone playing live.

What are your plans for the next few months?

Mainly playing some gigs. We’ve a few lined up now and might possibly play some more as well.

What is one thing you wish someone told you before you started?

Have a bit of money behind you. There’s nothing worse than shit gear and you need to get something decent to ensure that your stuff doesn’t die mid-performance. Buy the best thing you can afford and be prepared to invest money into it.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee for sure.

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