#RoadToBOA2018 – The Heretic Order

As ever, we’re going to try and cover every single Jäger, New Blood and SOPHIE stage band before Bloodstock kicks off on August 9th. Your chance to check them out and start planning which bands to get there early for!

Trust us when we tell you that this is bound to result in some frustrating clashes because, as ever, there are some great bands on these three stages.

Our thanks to all the bands for taking the time out to answer our questions!

The Heretic Order – Jägermeister Stage, Friday

Simple things first – where are you guys from?

We live in London (which is like living in hell itself) but we are all from different places in this planet, but does it matter though rock n’ roll is freedom and rebellion not a nation’s contest.

How long have you been playing together as a band?

The band started around mid-2014.

Where does the name of the band come from?

Isn’t it obvious? Our songs are about the occult, human dark history, religious spiritual liberation, and paganism – The Heretic Order.

Describe your music. What makes you unique?

Who said we were unique? There are many messengers of the devil – heavy metal is our means of spreading the word. There are many among us, we are legion.

What’s your live show like? Why are people going to watch you instead of another band?

Because they want to head bang and love metal! Raise your horns in the air!

Have you been to Bloodstock before?

Many times, love it. The best metal fest in the UK.

So how does it feel to be invited to play the one and only Bloodstock?

Honoured and excited… can’t wait, love the place.

What sort of setlist can we expect?

A head banging one!

Which main stage band do you most hope you’re not squished up next to so you can see them play?

Doesn’t matter to me. We are The Heretic Order. We do our own thing. What’s the point of duelling in what others do?

What are you working on at the moment?

This interview!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen or done on tour?

Do you want me to get arrested?! Be careful what you say in this politically correct era. It can backfire in a big way…

The Heretic Order: official | facebook


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