#RoadToMetalDays2018 – Voice of Ruin

Always aiming to put the smaller / less well known bands front and centre, welcome to our series featuring acts on the New Forces stage at this year’s Metal Days festival in Slovenia, as well as a couple of bands who are being featured for a second time having trodden the boards of that stage in earlier years. We’ll be there with them and hopefully will catch as many of them live as possible so we can tell you how good they are! Tickets for the five-day (plus warmup!) event are still available for around £135. It takes place in Tolmin, Slovenia, from July 21st to 28th.

What is your band’s name and where are you from?

We are Voice Of Ruin, all the way from the French-speaking part of Switzerland!

When did you first find out about Metal Days?

We’ve known of the festival for years because of its reputation in Europe.

How did you end up on the bill for this year’s festival?

We sent our application for the New Force Stage of the festival last year. Really happy to be part of the festival this year.

Is this the furthest you’ll ever have played from home and/or the biggest gig you’ve ever played? If so, what was the furthest/biggest before now?

I can’t say if it’s gonna be our biggest show as I don’t know how many people will show up for our set. We already played a few shows in front of more than 1,000 people and the biggest one was an open-air festival in Nepal in front of more than 2,000 people. It won’t be our furthest show as well as we already toured Japan, India, Nepal and Russia these past years.

Which bands on the bill are you most looking forward to seeing?

We are playing on the 21st of July and unfortunately we have to go back home the day after the show. We will play two festivals this weekend (Metal Days and Free & Easy in Germany). But it would have been great to see Behemoth, Hatebreed and Jinjer on stage.

Other than bands, what are you most looking forward to about Metal Days?

Can’t wait to discover the site, we’ve heard a lot of good things about this festival and especially about the beautiful and refreshing river!

Before you hit the stage: Monster energy drink or Laško beer?

Laško beer of course!

We’ll see you there!

Hell yeah! Thanks a lot for the interview.

Voice of Ruin: officialfacebook | instagram | youtubebandcamp | bigcartel | spotify

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