#RoadToMetalDays2018 – Morost

Always aiming to put the smaller / less well known bands front and centre, welcome to our series featuring acts on the New Forces stage at this year’s Metal Days festival in Slovenia, as well as a couple of bands who are being featured for a second time having trodden the boards of that stage in earlier years. We’ll be there with them and hopefully will catch as many of them live as possible so we can tell you how good they are! Tickets for the five-day (plus warmup!) event are still available for around £135. It takes place in Tolmin, Slovenia, from July 21st to 28th.

What is your band’s name and where are you from?

Morost, from the swamp at Ljubljana, Slovenia.

When did you first find out about Metal Days?

When there was a first Metal Camp organized in Tolmin, we were still almost kids and there weren’t many concerts in our parts at the time, so it was the greatest and most obvious destination to visit every year since, by at least a few of our band members.

How did you end up on the bill for this year’s festival?

I guess every Slovenian band that puts a lot of effort into their band and music gets a slot. Organisers have been always generous to the locals and local scene, which is important and most natural, since we are the ones that will stay around – and locals own the ground they stand on!

Is this the furthest you’ll ever have played from home and/or the biggest gig you’ve ever played? If so, what was the furthest/biggest before now?

We played in Sarajevo, because we like rakia, grilled meat and coffee. It is an interesting city and we made a hard weekend out of it. If our music gets accepted in large doses we might plan another vacation and get us a gig in a town near you. But in the present, Metal Days is our highlight and it’s a great honour to play here, that we only imagined since before we started to seriously play our instruments.

Which bands on the bill are you most looking forward to seeing?

I always forget which bands I decided not to miss and when. It is so many that you really need a schedule on paper. I didn’t make one yet but without looking at the bill one more time I remember Myrkur, Bolzer, Shining…  and for some heavy drinking party, Master, Kataklysm…

Other than bands, what are you most looking forward to about Metal Days?

The company of people that understand this great culture and of course endless possibilities and experiences that the nature on our side of Alps offers.

Before you hit the stage: Monster energy drink or Laško beer?

Don’t ask stupid questions because you might get a stupid answer like Monster or something sweet! Metal must be bitter and bitter must be my beer.

We’ll see you there!

Hope so, yes!

Morost: facebook | bandcamp

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