Interview: Rich Harris – Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist Rich Harris, founder of Dark Horse Collective will be attending the Tattoo Collective in London, on March 17th and 18th at the East End’s Brick Lane. Fancy checking him out then get tickets here.

Rich has kindly agreed to answer our questions.

What made you get into tattooing?

My best friend starting tattooing from home which gave me the idea to try it.

When did you know being an artist was what you wanted to do full time?

I started drawing from the age of 2, I wanted to be a comic book artist from an early age.

What were you doing before you decided to become a tattooist?

I used to produce music, DJ and still have a record label… I also had my own window cleaning business for 14 years.

What was the first tattoo you had done on yourself and by whom?

It was by my business partner Jamie Lee Knott at the first studio I worked at, it was a traditional tattoo…subject a bit cheesy to symbolise my daughter.

What’s the first tattoo you did on someone?

I tattooed my best mate in his house, a very shaky star on his thigh.

If there was a UK version of Ink Master, would you take part and who would be the judges and presenter?

I don’t think I’d be allowed to take part on any TV show with my awful West Midland accent, however I think David Corden, Paul Talbot and Jef Palumbo would make a great panel…very big characters with a great knowledge of the industry.

What was the first band/musician you felt a connection with?

Probably Michael Jackson, my parents had all his albums on vinyl.

Is there a record you play and never get tired of?

Paul Johnson – “Get Get Down”; reminds me of clubbing and holidays in 1999.

You’re in charge of booking five DJs for an all-day festival. Who would be the five DJs and in what order would they perform?

Hauswerks, Kiddo, Dennis Cruz, Loco Dice, Nastia.

Is there a band and a tattoo artists you would recommend the readers to check out and why?

I’m going to suggest two artists as I don’t know of any bands…so check out Florian Karg (based in Germany) and Timur Lysenko (Poland), I’ve had a lot of work done by both artists… one abstract, solid colour and the other dark sinister black and grey work.

What advice would you give someone who is going to get their first tattoo?

I’d suggest the usual thing by researching artists you like and their healed work and trying to find a subject that you and the artist would like to collaborate on.

How can people get in touch with you?


Rich Harris: facebook | instagram

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