Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Torqued

Before their performance at Bloodstock on the Sunday, we had a quick chat with Torqued about their upcoming performance. Read on for the full transcription…

Torqued (c) Will Tudor

You guys are playing the New Blood stage tomorrow. Any nerves?

Not at the moment but when we come to play tomorrow it might be like “Ah! We’re playing in a minute!” We don’t think so though as we’ve had the festival to relax and prepare for it. A couple of our guys are popping their Bloodstock cherry so they’re looking forward to it.

What did you feel like to be booked for Bloodstock?

We couldn’t believe it to be honest. We’re really humbled and it’s amazing to be here. We’ve been on the scene as musicians for about 10 years in previous bands but this is like our 3rd or 4th show as Torqued which is quite surreal to be honest.  

Kemper or Axe FX?

Axe Fx. It’s twice the price but you’re effectively getting twice the gear anyway.

Pearl or Tama?

Tama. Hands down. Their kits are awesome.

Shure or AKG?

Shure all the way. Proguard as well.

What are your guys up to for the next 6 to 12 months?

We’re going into a studio situation for the next few months as we’re writing our debut album which should be out at some point next year. We’ve got quite a few gigs coming up but we’re still free so if anyone wants to book us then drop us an email!

What’s your favourite ENSO band?

We’d probably have to say Cambion and Ramage Inc. We can’t really decide between them as they are both exceptional bands and keep getting better every time.

What bands would you pick if you had to put the festival together?

Devin Townsend, Tesseract, Korn and a couple of others. It’s all about the live stuff and a band needs to be able to bring it live for us. Those bands we’ve said are all great live.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing?

Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Ghost, Amon Amarth were great and there’s some others as well.

Describe the band in 3 words.

We are Torqued.

Photos by Will Tudor Photography

Torqued: official | facebook | twitter

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