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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Scott Carstairs and Brian James of Fallujah

Just after their performance on the Main Stage on the Saturday at Bloodstock, we had a chat with Scott and Brian from Fallujah about their performance and also the never ending debate of Kemper vs Axe FX and Ibanez vs Kiesel. Read on for the full transcription:

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You guys opened up the main stage at Bloodstock. How was it for you guys?

Scott: It was awesome. It was our first time playing here and we were wondering if people were going to be too hungover to come and see us. But they showed up and enjoyed it and I think we gained a lot of new fans here today. How about you, Brian?

Brian: I think it was great!

SC: Our stand in vocalist did a good job as well as our stuff isn’t easy. We’ll see what happens with him as for the moment he’s only fulfilling our tour commitments. As long as the music comes first though, that’s the main thing.

Do you think you’ll collaborate with Tori again in the future?

BJ: Perhaps…

SC: Maybe. We can’t really say at the moment as we’re going to be probably going for a different kind of vibe on the new album. We’ll wait and see though.

BJ: She is a good friend of ours though and blew us away with what she did.

SC: Yeah, she just came in there and nailed all her parts and came up with some really cool harmonies as well. We’ll see what happens going forward though.

Now… Axe FX or Kemper?

SC: Well, I personally use Kemper and Brian uses Axe FX. And I think Kemper is better. I just love that I can use my exact tone that we used on the album so it means that when we play live the fans can hear that exact tone. Brian just has to match mine!

BJ: Well, first of all my tone is better than Scott’s! But I think it’s just down to device familiarity at the end of the day. They’re the same device basically and just do things differently. We’ve both learned all the features of them and we’ll more or less come out sounding exactly the same. We’re civil about it though!

Ibanez or Kiesel?

SC: Oh, man…

BJ: Dude! You’re bringing up all the arguments!

SC: Obviously Kiesel. You can’t customise an Ibanez as you can a Kiesel.

BJ: For the general consumer? No.

SC: Oh come on… the general consumer loves Kiesel.

BJ: True. But, Ibanez has a set in stone process for the guitars where they are all exactly the same and you’re going to be able to trust them. With a Kiesel, there might be a few wonky things in there but Ibanez is solid all the time.

SC: So what you’re saying is, is that you’re just like everyone else and not unique? And it’s not made in America which is not as cool. We could argue about this for ages, man.

Coming off this topic, what do you enjoy about the UK?

BJ: The crisps!

SC: I guess we just get along with them really well. My family is Scottish so I feel kind of at home whilst I’m over here. Not that we don’t get along with all the other places though, we just feel more at home here.

BJ: I guess it’s because it feels more at home than Europe. Like, you’re still in another country but it’s still kinda like home.

What bands are you guys looking forward to seeing?

SC: We love Havok as they are really good friends of ours. We also like Ghost and think they are worthy headliners.

BJ: We have to leave at nine, though, so I’m guessing we might not see them.

SC: We might see some of them… we’ll see.

Describe yourselves and then the band in 3 words.

SC: Neurotic, sure and tall for myself. Lanky.

BJ: For me, I’d say, tacos, a little ditzy and Xbox.

SC: For the band… immersive, multi-layered and a word for you can’t listen to it once. It’s like Lord of the Rings. You can watch that so many times and still enjoy it.

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