Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Phil and Bones of Morass of Molasses

(Transcription by James)

After their performance on the Sophie Stage on the Friday, we caught up with Phil and Bones from Morasses of Molasses on the Saturday to chat about their performance and also any bands they were looking forward to seeing. Read on for the full transcription…

Is this your first time playing Bloodstock?

Bones: We played the Jäger stage back in 2015 and then weren’t here in 2016. We then played the Sophie stage yesterday and that was really good. You could almost say we levelled up per se as we were playing a bigger stage to much more people. In the two years between our appearances we did a lot of touring, got signed and put out a new album.

Phil: Who knows, main stage in two years?!

How did you guys find out you were playing?

B: I got a phonecall from Simon Hall back in May and he was like “What are you doing on the 11th of August?” I responded with “I don’t know, mate.” He said, “I do. You’re playing the Sophie Stage.” And we couldn’t really say no to that. That is literally how it happened. We’ve been here all weekend and I have not slept at all!

What bands are you guys looking forward to seeing?

B: We’re looking forward to seeing OHMS today. We toured with them in the past and it was quite earlier on in our career and helped us improve as a band. Every night when we played with them we really had to bring our A-Game. They really helped us grow as a band and they have a special place in our hearts.

P: Baal as well.

B: Yeah, Baal as well. There’s a lot of good bands playing and there’s also a lot of friends playing as well. The scene we play in is quite tight-nit so everyone kinda knows everyone.

Have you been here before?

P: I was here back in 2010 and you could kinda camp next to your car which was great. It was a bit messy back then though…

B: The first time I was here was when I was playing. I’m a poor musician so I can’t really afford to come when I’m not playing!

What do you think has led the festival to sell out this year?

B: I just think it’s growing as a festival and offers something different. I mean I’ve been to Cownload and it just doesn’t feel like a metal festival anymore. Here however, it’s a metal festival for metal fans and there’s a lot of different types of metal here as well. You don’t get that anywhere else in my opinion.

What have you guys got planned for the next few months?

B: We’re currently writing new material which we might put on like a split or an EP. We’re not quite ready to do another album but we do have some new music which we want to do. We recently toured with Cybernetic Witchcult and they have become really good pals of ours. If we were to do a split it would be with them. We might also tour Europe with those guys but we’ll see what happens.

If you had to change something about Bloodstock, what would that be?

P: To be honest, there’s nothing really.

B: There’s nothing really as it’s really good. They seem to have their finger on the pulse and the M2TM is so important. You have a whole raft of metal fans that get into the festival a different way and as a result it’s more of a family thing.

Morass of Molasses: facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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