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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Malum Sky

Prior to their performance on the New Blood Stage, we had a quick chat with all the members of Malum Sky about winning Metal 2 the Masses and their opinions of the festival.

(c) Will Tudor Photography

You guys are playing on the New Blood Stage a little later on. Are you looking forward to that?

We are and nervously excited. We came down on the Thursday night and had some fun. We’ve been good boys since in preparation for today so we can give the best performance. We are really excited for it, of course.

What was it like winning Metal 2 The Masses?

It started out kind of like another gig for us. And then another gig, and another gig, and then we were in the final competing for the slot. We were up against some really tough competition courtesy of some other Welsh bands and they all smashed it that night. We couldn’t believe when we won, to be honest.

Is this your first time at the festival or have any of you been before?

John: I’ve been here once before as a punter 4 or 5 years ago. It’s a different vibe to last time and I’m not drinking as much which has been good. There’s not too much of a difference aside from the little things like free showers and a quieter campsite this year.

What bands are you guys looking forward to seeing?

Decapitated, Soilwork and Megadeth mainly.

If there was one thing to change about Bloodstock what would it be?

Probably make it longer to be honest. We kinda wish it would go on forever but you can’t drink forever and people will get very tired. It’s different to the bigger festivals as it’s kinda exclusively metal which is different to the others.

Describe the band in 3 words.

Intense, energetic & powerful.

Photos by Will Tudor Photography

Malum Sky: facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud

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