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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Hundred Year Old Man

Just after their performance on the New Blood stage on the Saturday at Bloodstock, we had a quick chat with a couple of the members from Hundred Year Old Man about their performance and also their feelings upon winning the Metal 2 The Masses. Read on for the full transcription…

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You’ve just come off stage. How do you feel the performance went?

It was a really good show. The crowd at Bloodstock are impeccable as always but we’re bloody knackered!

How did it feel when you won Metal 2 the Masses?

It was a huge shock. We were up against some stiff competition such as Batallions who are playing tomorrow which we’ll enjoy. At the end of each heat we were vocally like “What?” and we’re kind of still in shock now, to be honest. We genuinely can’t believe our luck.

Is this your first time here or have you all been here before?

Some of us have been here before. One of our guys came in 2013 the day after his birthday and was literally dragged out of bed blind drunk. He had to head back to work part way through as well which sucked but he got to see Abbath. Love that guy.

Did you guys get to catch any of the bands yesterday?

Yesterday was mint actually. We drank hot chocolate and watched Amon Amarth which was the most viking thing we could do. We literally did not stop yesterday watching bands. Today we’ve only stopped to have a drink and play. Tomorrow’s looking pretty good as well with MegaDave, Venom Prison and Batallions of course.

What do you think has caused the festival to sell out this year?

It’s been going on for long enough now that it has a hardcore following. It’s an incredible festival and the stage management is incredible. Bands are looked after so well and of course that’ll make bands want to come back. All the punters in the campsites are great as well so it’s kinda like a community. It’s like a metal-heads Disneyland to be honest!

Describe the band in 3 words.

Hundred Year Old Bastards. And we don’t care that it’s four words!

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