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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Ana and Ronan of Na Cruithne

Prior to their performance on the New Blood stage on the Sunday at Bloodstock, we had a quick chat with Na Cruithne about their performance and also their plans for the next few months. Read on for the full transcription…

How does it feel to be at Bloodstock?

Ronan: You can feel the metal running in your veins and Bloodstock is kick ass. This is my second time here as last year I played here with Ten Ton Slug.

Ana: It’s my first time here.

Ronan: We figured it was worth trying the Metal 2 the Masses and when we got to the final, we didn’t win but Simon invited us along anyway which was awesome.

How does the experience of being here compare to last year?

Ronan: I’ve been here all weekend which is great.

Ana: I just arrived yesterday.

Ronan: What do you make of it?

Ana: I love it here. We were just playing at Metaldays in Slovenia and it’s so very different. It’s smaller than Metaldays but the whole structure of it great. The people here are lovely and the food is awesome!

Ronan: The food at Bloodstock is kickass!

Do you feel as though there’s much of a difference between the crowds at festivals?

Ronan: Yeah.. When we played at Metaldays everyone was going crazy for it. Here, everyone just puts the horns up and everything. It feels more intense in Europe which we can feed off of. We’re hoping to get the crowd rallied up here as well.

Ana: It’s good to have a folk metal band here after so long as well. I’ve been telling people to come and see us and the response I’ve been getting from them has been incredible. They’re really excited about it and I can’t wait to play!

What bands are you looking forward to seeing and have enjoyed this weekend?

Ronan: I saw Testament with a guy from Cork which made my day. Ana and I analysed Ghost intensely last night and we kinda enjoyed them.

Ana: Yeah, we were sat there, watching them intently, noting down everything.

What bands would you pick for next year’s lineup?

Ronan: That’s a good one… I’d like to see Death DTA and Korpiklaani again. They’d do really well.

Ana: I’d love to see Arkona again.

Ronan: Oh yeah, they’d fit in really well.

What do you think has led to the festival selling out this year?

Ronan: I think it’s the promotion they’ve done for it. The way that Bloodstock promote is incredible and I think people just want to come.

Ana: I think the Metal 2 the Masses helps as well as it gets bands wanting to play there and really helps get the scene going.

Ronan: They’re very homely on the New Blood stage as well and they treat you like kings. I hope that this same vibe continues into the next few years.

Are there any changes you’d make to the festival?

Ronan: When we were at Metaldays there was this card system they used which meant that you didn’t need to get change or change currency or anything. That’d be cool to see. That and the toilets. Maybe get them refreshed a few more times.

What are your plans for next few months?

Ronan: We’re going to be taking some time off and writing some new music. We’re going to be releasing a new music video very soon as well which will be good.

Header image by Will Tudor Photography

Na Cruithne: facebookbandcamp

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