Interview: Zack Simmons of Goatwhore

Mike recently caught up with Zack from Goatwhore and here’s how they got on:

First off, Zack, how are you doing today?

I’m doing great. We are about to cross into Canada for six shows before we finish up with another week in the States.

I wanted to ask what the recording process was like for the new record Vengeful Ascension compared to the band’s previous release Constricting Rage of the Merciless?

For this one we tried to mix things up by recording at a different studio with our live sound engineer, Jarrett Pritchard. We recorded to tape as we did on the last record but the objective of this album was to step out of our comfort zone and mix things up a bit. Jarrett has a good handle on how we sound live and knew how to translate that into a studio setting.

Who was behind the art for this record and if possible could you tell us the idea behind the cover for this record?

Our longtime friend and collaborator, Jordan Barlow did all the artwork for this record. The actual painting was almost four feet tall and took him an insane amount of hours to finish. It’s basically a bunch of wretched souls and bodies making up a single form but they are clawing towards the sun. The title goes along with it, as in, these entities will do anything and are desperately trying to get to be the one at the top even though they are only a piece of the puzzle.

What have been your main influences as a drummer and what new influences have there been and why?

My main influences have always been guys like Mikkey Dee, Tommy Aldridge, Cozy Powell, etc. More of the old-school rock kind of drummers. There are a ton of older and newer metal guys I look up to as well. The cool thing about drumming is that you can pretty much appreciate and take influence from anyone at anytime. It has a universal appeal.

If you could sum up Goatwhore in three words for yourself what would they be and why?

Unrelenting controlled chaos seems to sum it up for me. Just due to the way we tour and how busy we like to be. There’s a balance to all the craziness that makes it work. Without the craziness I don’t think it’d be the same either.

Out of all the records you have done with the band, which do you feel are your personal favourites and why?

The most current record is always my favorite because its new and exciting and tries to surpass the previous one in some way. Each record is important to me because they all were a necessary step to get to where we are now.

Are there any new bands out there you feel that some of your fans should check out?

Vallenfyre has a new record out that we all really like a lot. Also, Gatecreeper from Phoenix has been kicking ass.

Finally, for the fans reading this at home what would you like to say to them?

Thank you all for the support over the years and we hope to see you on the road!

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