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Video Interview: High Tides – Bridges

It wasn’t too long ago that we featured a track-by-track of High Tides’ upcoming EP I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over. Well, the pop-punk bad boys of Nottingham are back, this time with a detailed rundown of the music video for “Bridges”. They revealed to us what went in to making the video, and why they chose this song in particular. Strap in for an all-access look in to the minds of one of Britain’s fastest growing young bands.

Why did you choose “Bridges” for the music video?

“Bridges” wasn’t actually our first choice for a video in all honesty. We originally planned on “52” being the lead, but with the ambitious ideas we had for it, it was going to end up costing a small fortune and being really hard to pull off! But “Bridges” was an easy second choice as collectively it’s one of our favourite songs: hard hitting, bouncy, and we believe it portrays the High Tides identity well.

Tell me about the video; what’s it about? 

The video doesn’t actually have a narrative, so there is no hidden meaning, or a story; we just set out with the aim of having it look different to other videos we’d seen surface recently. The concept came about just with brainstorming ideas, singling out concepts we’d not really seen too often, and building the finer details once we had a strong base.

Who directed the video?

As from our previous video, “Opia”, we decided to go with director Chris Clough. Chris lives locally to us and we know him personally through the music scene, and just as friends in general. We know from previous experience and his past work that he is really very good at what he does. He’s just a real, down to earth nice guy with amazing ideas and vision. We even shot it at Chris’ house, in his living room, as he mentioned he had some large black and white back drops which would work perfectly for our idea. Coincidentally, his parents were away on holiday the weekend we wanted to shoot (sorry Chris’ parents, so it all worked out perfectly!). Also while we were there, Chris mentioned a location only a few minutes’ walk away from his house which looks amazing as the sun goes down. We headed over there as the sun started to set with some camera gear and that ended up being the location where we shot our promo photo.

Did you face any difficulties in the making of the video?

We thought we were all well prepared; we had an idea locked down, we had our equipment, we had our location, we had our director, everything was sorted… Until Conner, our drummer, forgot to show up, and went to work instead! We ended up having to film all of our individual parts, then wait for him to arrive from work to film him smashing the hell out of his drums. We were in Chris’ house until after 1am!

How do you feel about the video?

Overall, we think the video came out great! It’s different to others around at the moment, it’s got some really cool visuals involved, and though there is a lot of cutting and scene changes, the video flows and fits the song perfectly.

Make sure to check out High Tides’ music video for “Bridges” below!

I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over is out now and available here.

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