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Interview: Joe Duplantier of Gojira

Before their show in Glasgow last week with Code Orange and Car Bomb, I had the opportunity to have a little catch up chat with the legend that is Joe Duplantier from Gojira. After a quick discussion about Devin Townsend and a comment on the pouring rain, we got right down to business…

How’s the tour been so far for you guys?

It’s been great. It’s been a big tour for us… wait I say that every time! But no, every tour is important and every show is important. Because we are progressing year after year, it’s always the most important tour of our life. We’re playing the longest set we’ve ever played which also feels the shortest! We’ve got a good setlist, and the shows are mostly sold out as well so we can’t complain!

You’ve got Car Bomb supporting you on this run, and I gather that you produced their last album…

Yeah, that’s right! It’s great to watch them live, and they are really good friends of ours. We always make sure that they are ok and have everything they need. It’s kind of weird as I feel that bands are in this kind of secret society in that we’re kind of family. You might have different political ideas and other things but if you’re in a band then you understand things, and you feel as though you’re all part of one big family. But no, I coached their vocalist a lot on their album and to see them play now is incredible.

Since we spoke last time, has the band done much else from touring?

Not really, just touring non-stop. We’re kind of ‘on our nerves’ a lot on tour, and then after a few days, we start to get back to normal. Then we’re out on the road again!

Keeping on the touring theme, you’ve got a couple of dates with Metallica coming up soon. Are you looking forward to them?

Of course! I grew up wanting to be James Hetfield, and I was so obsessed with Metallica when I was younger. My first guitar was an Explorer, and I spent a lot of time studying the pose and everything! We’ve since become friends with them, and it’s going to be fun to tour with them.

It’s going to be a bit different as well as on this run we’re showing everyone exactly what we are about. When we’re going to be out with Metallica, we’re going to be trying not to get booed!

Is “The Jam” making an appearance tonight or not?

Not tonight sadly. We almost did include it, but it doesn’t fit with the vibe of the setlist we are playing. It was fun to do the times we did it, but these days we’re slotting in new things and trying a couple of new things out. That’s not to say that it won’t appear again, we’ll see what happens.

Coming back to the touring theme again, have you got any festival appearances planned or are you going to be winding down a bit?

We’ve got a couple lined up; some announced some not. We’re headlining Dynamo festival which I’m quite looking forward to. When I first saw that lineup, I was surprised and shocked that we are headlining over the likes of Prong and Testament! It’s great, though, and it’s testament to all the hard work we’ve put in.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned a couple of bands that had captured your interest. Have there been any new bands since then?

Erm…. Not really to be honest. I’ve recently been digging a lot of old jazz and Massive Attack. I’m a huge fan of them, and I love listening to them. I guess I’m just an old fart now! How old are you?

I’m 21.

[Sings] 21….. Hahaha. I remember those days. I’m 40 dude.

I’m always hungry for new stuff, though, but I need someone to recommend bands to me these days. I bet when this interview is over, I’ll remember a couple of bands! Speaking of which, Code Orange. Dude… they are killing it live. They are amazing!

Wrapping this up now, describe yourself and then the band in 3 words.


[Thinks for a moment]

For myself….

[Thinks for a moment]

Pathetic, Stubborn, Researcher. I know that’s not very positive!

For the Band….

[Thinks for a moment]

Awesome, Family, Prison. It’s kind of like a prison sometimes, but it’s my awesome family.

All photos courtesy Bukavac Photography.

Gojira: official | facebook

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