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Interview: Finsterforst

Prior to their recent show in London with Equilibrium and Heidevolk (review here), Stefan sat down with three members of Finsterforst and subjected them to a barrage of questions. Here’s what they threw back before running terrified from the room. Or to do a soundcheck, maybe.

How’s the tour gone so far, and how have the crowds been reacting to your performances?

We had some gigs in Poland the last week in Krakow and Warsaw and they were really crowded. But everywhere we’ve been the crowds have been great and really supported us.

What’s it been like touring with Heidevolk and Equilibrium?

It’s been a blast. Both bands have been really great. No trouble between us, it’s all a harmony!

You released #YØLØ – how is that pronounced?

It’s “ih-PEER”, but “Yolo” is fine!

How do you feel it’s been received by fans?

Looking on the internet I would say “mixed”. At the concerts, people like it. More positive than we thought. When we first read the comments online we were a bit concerned, but when we play the songs live the fans are going crazy. They’re short and have catchy melodies, so I think they’re perfect between the long, usual Finsterforst songs.

Are you looking at extending this EP release into an album?

Just the EP for now. We want to keep to our roots, like Rastlos and Mach Dich Frei. The next release will definitely be one of those ones. It was good to do some of our own songs as well as the covers, like Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson and some children’s band that you might not have heard of over here, but which are popular in Germany.

It’s something we talked about for years, doing a covers album. Songs about drinking and partying. It’s taken a while. We started talking about it six or seven years ago.

What was the idea behind doing this particular EP?

Basically a party amongst all the serious stuff.

What are your plans after this tour finishes?

We have a few more shows and another tour next Spring – April around Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria… The dates and support acts aren’t sorted yet but we know what we want to do. After that we’ll start work on a new album. After a rest first!

What’s the most memorable concert you’ve played?

Tolouse two years ago. The crowd were amazing. They went crazy. The openers were a stoner, groove band and the fans were wild from the moment they came on. By the time we came on, something in the crowd had… broken. They were just completely crazy. The walls were like a river of sweat and tears. Hopefully London will be the same!

What drove you to begin as a band? What brought you together?

We were all at school. I played with Simon in another band with our former singer in another band again. Simon had the idea for this band. It was just ourselves, nothing special. Simon had some ideas for the music so it was all down to him from that side of things.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

I’d like to be like a real Indian, with the ability to see really far. Like a Super-Indian! And I could make super-smoke signals to tell the guys where the party is.

Or not to have smelly feet any more. Although I think everyone else would rather I have this power than me myself!

#YØLØ is out now.

Finsterforst: official | facebook | myspace

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