Interview: Nomadic

Tampa in Florida is a well-known destination if you are looking for death metal, and although this genre is included in the music of Nomadic, these guys are not afraid to explore beyond this genre. The result of this exploration is documented on the band’s debut EP Horror, about which the guys told us below.

Hey folks. How are you doing?

We’re doing great, just been working really hard. Thanks for asking.

You released Horror back in April. How do you feel about the release?

Honestly, it’s been amazing. The feedback is great, and it’s definitely doing better than we expected. We released it DIY so it definitely has been hard.

How much of a challenge was to work on the EP?

Taylor (bass player) – “It was painfully exhausting to watch our singer do that amount of work in a short amount of time”.


What other artists similar to your genre that are coming from Florida are you friends with?

We’re not really friends with anyone SUPER close to our genre, but we’ve got some best friends who are kinda close. We went on tour with an amazing band called Untomoria from Bradenton, FL and established a great friendship with them. We also are friends with a band from Sarasota called Death Requisite, and best friends with Dark Sermon from Tampa. Even further out of our genre, we have some best friends in Agerasia, Serosa, Apnea, and Madtown, all from Tampa (or surrounding areas).

What is your opinion about the current metal scene?

I think the current metal scene is making a slow but steady comeback. Each time a band releases an album it always seems to be better than the last. Kids are starting to discover and appreciate metal more.

Can you tell me something about your influences?

All of our members derive influence from all styles of music, but some big ones are Job For  A Cowboy, Cattle Decapitation, Behemoth, Deafheaven.

What are you listening to these days?

There’s, like, ten million amazing albums that came out this year, so it’s impossible to make decisions a lot of the time, but we’re listening to: Rheia by Oathbreaker, Laugh Tracks by Knocked Loose, The Shape You Took Before the Ache by Exalt, Low Teens by Every Time I Die, Headspace by Issues, Periphery:III, Essence of the Land by Warforged, Narrative by Fire From the Gods, and so much more.


Your 5 favourite records of all the time?

There’s 4 of us here, so I think each of us will choose one, and then one more that we all agree upon.

Nomadic – Altered State by Tesseract

James (Vocals) – City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold

Nic (Guitar) – The Exodus of Autonomy by Wretched

Taylor (Bass) – In the Absence of Light by Abigail Williams

Chris (Drums) – Toxicity by System of a Down

Can you tell me a little bit more about the gear you use to record Horror?

Well, we exclusively use Ibanez guitars and basses. We believe they have the best tone, and the best playability for our music. We also use D’Addario strings and Seymour Duncan pickups in our electric guitars.

Besides the release of the album, are there any other plans for the future?

We are releasing our new single, The Crooked Man, on 10/14/16. We also embark on tour to support the single from 10/18-10/29. After that we are writing our next album in the mountains in January, and plan to be touring full time by March.

Any words for the potential new fans?

Let’s be friends. Please. We love meeting people. We love hugs. If we’re playing near you, come to the show so we can hang out. If you can’t afford it, talk to us, or at least hang out with us before or after. We care so much about the time we spend with people.

Nomadic: facebook | bandcamp

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