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Interview: Marcela Bovio of Stream of Passion

Avatar It’s Stream of Passion’s final ever tour and I was lucky enough to meet up with singer, songwriter, and violinist Marcela Bovio for a chat before their show in Glasgow (review here). We talked about the end of the band, memorable moments, what her plans are for the future and many other subjects.

I’ve included the sound file for you to check out as well as the transcription. The interview took place inside the venue so there is some background noise from sound checking and also the crew setting up.



Hi, it’s Martin from Moshville Times and I’m here with Marcela Bovio from Stream of Passion. How are you doing today?

I’m good. Thank you.

This is your last tour. A lot of fans will be saddened to hear this so why did you decide to disband?

Yeah I know it’s been a tough decision but one that we made after giving it some really deep thinking. Instead of going on and seeing everything become less, and a little bid of a burden, we decided to quit while we were winning.

After the tour what plans do you all have? Do you have any personal projects lined up?

I do I actually just released a solo album at the end of September. So that’s one and yeah I’m going to be doing more stuff next year. I’m not entirely sure how much I’m allowed to say about it. Let’s just say I’m going to keep making some metal as well.

You played Bristol yesterday, and London the day before. How did those shows go?

Oh brilliant brilliant. A lot of people are seeing us for the last time so we had really incredibly warm responses so it’s very nice.

Yeah this is the first time I’ve seen you and it’ll be the last.

Ohhh that’s so sad (laughs).

Is it quite an emotional experience for the band knowing that these are your last show?

Definitely. I think we’ve been blocking most of the feeling for a little while but now we have this show, and we have tomorrow, and Wolverhampton, and then we have one last show in Holland and that’s it. So it’s the last three. I know for myself I’m trying to be really present doing the show and trying to enjoy it as much as I can.

So what about the fans are they quite emotional about it?

Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion

Yeah yeah. Like I said during the past few gigs that we’ve had we’ve been encountering people that are seeing us for the last time and that’s kinda…yeah…we try and reassure them that it’s not the last time that we’re going to see each other because I’m pretty sure that, well at least I hope, to be back for instance in the UK, really soon. I do hope that people keep track on us because we’re all going to be doing some other stuff.

What can fans expect from this tour? What material will you be covering and how did you pick the songs for this final tour?

Well we recorded a live show two months ago, in Holland, and for that show we basically had a little bit of a survey amongst all the people that joined our crowd funding campaign for the last album. We asked them which songs do you want to hear. Of course we’re not playing such a long set tonight but the vast majority of songs that we’re playing are also part of that selection except for the very last show as we’ve just decided that for the very last show we’re going to play whatever we want to play (laughs). So probably everyone’s going to hate it as we really feel like doing some covers from Bon Jovi and eh….I’m kidding (laughs).

It’s not going to be a Spinal Tap Jazz Fusion thing or something?

A full on one and a half hour free jazz improvisation..yeah (laughs).

You’ll be recording for the DVD as well? (Lara question)

Jazz odyssey yeah (laughs). No.

You’re recording that tonight? (Lara question)

Tonight? No that’s already in the works the DVD is being edited, hopefully, as we speak.

After 11 years do you have any favourite memories or perhaps funny stories of the band?

Way too many to remember actually. I was just telling one in London last time as the very first time we came to the UK, it was when Arjen Lucassen was still in the band. If I’m not mistaken we had two gigs. One was in Rotherham and the day after we played the Borderline in London. It was of course for me the very first time that I was on a tour and for a lot of us actually. So we were very excited and very eager so that evening in Rotherham we also got really really drunk. We were in excruciating pain the day afterwards, and just trying to make our way through the sound check, and Arjen came to me and he said, well he came to us actually because there was a few of us that had got into a little party the day before, and he said “You know I learned a long time ago that I shouldn’t get drunk before a gig. I think that that’s a lesson that you learned today” (laughs).

Is there any piece of music that you’ve created with the band, or perhaps even on a personal project, that you’re most proud of?

Wow. You know these last few gigs that I’ve been trying to focus a little bit more on the music and on the moment. I’ve realised that I’m really proud of, maybe not something in particular, but the fact that I think we’ve evolved through the years and the last material that we made that really still speaks to me in a very deep level. I guess I could say I’m really proud of our last album in general. I’m very happy with what we did.

I noticed from an interview in 2015 that you mentioned that Stream of Passion has been working on some new material. Will those songs ever see the light of day?

Yeah I don’t know. I do have some songs and I’m just trying to figure out how that could work out because when I write I write usually on the piano. So I have a lot of ideas that are piano and vocals. I’m thinking I might just release some of that that way. I would want to honour the original intention of the song. We’ll see. There’s definitely some stuff there that would be a shame if it was never released.

When the band first started what were your expectations for the project and did it turn out the way you thought?

No no this became a lot bigger than what I thought it would be. You know the first album was just an album that I wrote together with Arjen and I really didn’t even know what to expect when we were working on the songs because the first versions were just like acoustic guitar and he would send this to me and I would come up with vocals and then he made these whole bombastic pieces out of them. It definitely took a turn that I wasn’t expecting (laughs). I can pretty much say that my life got turned around in a way that I definitely didn’t expect but I’m very happy with everything and how everything went.

You’ve just released your first solo album Unprecedented. I haven’t heard it yet but can you tell us a bit about how that differs from Stream of Passion?

Well a lot. It’s only a string quartet and vocals. It’s definitely not metal at all but I do think that if you’ve listened to Stream of Passion, and you listen to this album, you can definitely hear my song writing in it. It’s also an album I’m really proud of because there wasn’t any expectation, there was nothing that I needed to conform to. I just went ahead and wrote whatever I felt like so I have a lot of very different influences on the album which is something I really like.

So you were quite free to do what you liked?

Yeah exactly.

You recently played an acoustic headlining show at the FemMe festival in Eindhoven. How did that go and did you play any songs from your new album?

Yeah actually I played pretty much the whole album really. Also with a string quartet. It was very nice because I’m not going to get to do that very often because it’s also….


Very expensive. It was great to be able to do it even though it was a metal festival you know. People were very open minded and very receptive. Yeah it was great.

The money for your new album was raised via crowdfunding. You also raised money this way for A War of Our Own. Do you think that bands need the financial backing from a label any more or is it possible to create, record, or possibly even tour using things like crowdfunding?

I think it is a very good way, but you definitely need to have a fan base already I think to be able to lean on such a thing, which is something we’ve been fortunate enough to have. I think it’s very hard for a starting up band. If you’ve never heard a bands music then it’s kinda hard to ask for money. In that way I also feel very fortunate in that people were willing to back me up with this new thing especially with it being so different, but I made sure I put out a whole song on the crowdfunding page so people that could would know what they were getting themselves into. It’s definitely a very good way to do things nowadays I think.

It’s been a couple of years since Stream of Passion released an album but it looks like you’ve been keeping yourself busy with your own material. You’ve also guested on albums by Epica, and MaYan, and Maiden United. How did you become involved with these projects?

Mayan and Epica, I think it was mostly because of Joost van den Broek who was producing these albums. He used to be the keyboard player for After Forever and now he’s doing a lot of production work. He knows me and he knows that if he needs some kind of vocal backup in the studio he can always call me. So for MaYan he was looking to add a little bit of choirs on the album so he called me up for that and it went so well they also called me up for backings on Epica. So that was great. I know Maiden United mostly from Ruud Jolie, the guitar player from Within Temptation, as we both teach at this middle school in Eindhoven. It’s called the Metal Factory and it’s a musical school, and it’s focused on Metal. He teaches guitar and I teach vocals. We know each other from there. I’ve joined him a couple of times on stage so that was really cool, very different but really nice.

As you go forward is there anyone that you’d really like to work with in future?

I’ve got say I feel very very fortunate that I’ve worked with the people that I’ve worked with for instance I’m a huge fan of Anneke van Giersbergen , and as you know Johan (van Stratum) and I have been touring with her and the Gentle Storm last year a lot, and this year as well. There are so many good musicians out there, and I don’t have any specific wishes, but my new motto in life is to make music with really talented people with whatever that brings. I don’t aim for fame or fortune but I just want to make something I’m happy with and play with people that are very motivated, and are very good.

Just a final question. Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans before we wrap things up?

Well, it’s very cliché but also very true, thank you for all the wonderful years of support and backing us up. It really means a lot to us to have been able to count on our fans for the last few years because if it wasn’t for them we would have quit a long time ago. This last album was, as you know, a fan collaborative effort so thanks again for everything. Thanks for the good times. I hope this is not goodbye but I’ll see you soon and you all keep track of us in the future.

Cool. Thanks for that. Thanks for the interview.

My pleasure.

Stream of Passion: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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