Interview: Dave Davidson of Revocation

Prior to their show at the Dome last week, I had opportunity to have a brief chat with the frontman and founder of Revocation, David Davidson. After a warm welcome and a brief chat about how nice the weather was, we got down to business…

How have the shows on the tour been so far?

They’ve been good. Shows have been awesome.

Myself and Dave

Great is Our Sin was released a few months ago now. How do you feel the response has been to it?

The reactions been excellent! When we’ve been playing the new songs live they’ve been doing really well and the critical response was great as well. We used exactly the same producer as last time. We were really happy with how Deathless came out so we wanted to continue working with him. If it ain’t broke, why fix it!?!

You’re known for being a bit of a gear head so, what sort of gear are using at the moment?

I’m endorsed by EVH amps, Jackson guitars and Dimarzio pickups. They’re all great companies that I love using. I think my signature guitar is out now and my signature pickups are also available now. I worked with both companies for over 18 months to really define how it should sound and I’m really happy with the result.

You also collaborate with Gear Gods every now and again. How did that come about?

I’ve known those guys for a long time and I used to work with metal-injection and metal-sucks. It’s just all about developing relationships and being open to different ideas.

What has the band got lined up for the next six to twelve months?

Well, we’ve got this first tour with Obscura to finish up. It’s a 23 day tour with zero days off so we’re really going for it! We’ve got the 70,000 tons of metal tour in February and after that we’ve got an Australia and New Zealand tour lined up. We’ve then got a show in Hawaii and we’re probably going to be doing a late spring, early summer tour in the states. We’re also aiming to get back to Europe around summer time but we’ll wait and see what happens.

What advice would you give to a new band that’s just starting out?

Find a good producer who can capture your sound and know what you’re going for. If you’re going for a more black metal aesthetic, you don’t want a crazy polished kind of sound. Try and find your own sound as well. You can work with best producer in the world, but if you’re songs aren’t good then it isn’t going to sound good.

Are there any smaller bands that have peaked your interest recently?

There’s not been any in the past couple of months, but there’s a band called Dodecahedron and they’re working on their second album now. I’m really looking forward to hearing that album as they’re first album was great. Vektor as well are another really cool band. They’ve been around for a while now, but they’re one of the really good thrash bands from more recent years.

Header image by Jeremy Saffer.

Revocation: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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