The Hyena Kill – Fort Fest 2016 interview

The Hyena Kill - AtomisedAfter their set at the inaugural Fort Fest this year, Sam caught The Hyena Kill backstage and had a little chinwag…

How long have you guys been going? And how did you form?

We’ve been going about 4 years now. We had both been meeting on the scene in other bands for a while; which we were getting fed up of. We ended up jamming at a house party and we had a practice and ditched the bands we were in.

How did you find Fort Fest?

We really enjoyed it. The sound and the stage were awesome. It was a great effort [by the organisers]. And it was good to get out of the house.

How would you describe your sound?

Live we are heavy rock, raucous just fucking raucous. On the album [Atomised] we have softer tones with different influences.

What coming up next?

We have a UK tour in October which we’re really looking forward to. This is probably the last Atomised album tour and then we’re working on the second album.

Do you have any ideas/themes that you want to write about?

We have written a few one of which we played today so we have a feel of the album. But the themes lyrically come right at the end of writing. We don’t want to write the same album we want to take our time write 20 songs and pick the best ten and grow as a band

Do you have any new influences coming in to the new songs?

We’re loving Savages at the moment with their use of feedback their guitar sound and their attitude.

What has been your best fan experience to date?

We supported a band called Coma on tour in Poland. Their fans are awesome – really thankful to us and buying all our merch. It got to the point of us having to slam the shared dressing room door to keep one of them knocking the door down.

What’s your best bit of merch?

Our purple vinyl. I’m probably not going to have kids but it’s like my baby. We love it.

Last Question, you have a three band line up with you guys in the middle who plays above and below?

Deftones to support with Tool to headline, or Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, or as a compromise Taylor Swift supporting and Deftones and tool co-headline.

The Hyena Kill: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube

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