Fort Fest interview: Kingdom Keys

kingdom-keys-beyond-what-you-seeAnother of the impressive acts appearing at this year’s inaugural Fort Fest were Norwich’s Kingdom Keys. Sam managed to snag a few minutes of their time…

How did you find Fort fest?

Really good. Amazing festival great line up friendly staff and sound was ‘bangin’.

How did you get to play?

Our manager did a little bit of work with Phoenix Calling and we actually did our first gig with those guys and so we had a relationship with Fort Records and it went from there.

How did you guys form and how long have you been going?

We’ve been going for about 18 months. We knew each other from separate bands and Sam wanted to put something together. And so we came together through that. It’s been a nice progression in what we’re doing. We’ve got a lot done in the time so far.

Where can you find the EP and how would you describe it?

The Ep you can find everywhere; on itunes Spotify and all good car boot sales. We would describe it as melodic rock or post-bingo rave. It shows all our influences from ABBA to Chopin as well as like Incubus and things like that.

Where can we find you over the next 12 months?

Mainly we’re going to be at home not gonna lie we spend a lot of time at home. We’re planning a tour next year over spring time across the UK. Though, we find that a lot of stuff for us as a band comes up very short notice, which we are very lucky for. The best way to find what we are doing is on social media which we are pretty hot on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Is there a projected change in sound in the next work?

A lot of our stuff from the EP is stuff that we have brought from before the band. Now we have written together we are just going to take the best bits and streamline the sound into something better and better.

What are your top picks for the weekend?

PRESS TO MECO, Black Peaks, FOES, Grumble Bee, Arcane Roots, Excerts all the bands are great

What is your most memorable fan moment?

When we released our EP we played a festival local to us called Festival 2 supporting the Fratellis and Dodgy (from the 90s). And we had a massive group of people waiting to buy our EP wanting things signed and pictures and things. At our first festival we had a girl waving an ‘I love you Jake’ sign and we gave her our first EP and she was just made up for it. And she still bought another EP so we still got the fiver.

You guys have a three band line up with you guys in the middle. Who do you have supporting and headlining?

We would like everyone!

Also Craig David and Biffy Clyro.

You’ve given us too many options we need a four day festival.

Led Zeppelin, S Club 7, Spice Girls in their prime.

Kingdom Keys: facebook | soundcloud

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