Bloodstock – disaster and recovery and thanks to PlanetMosh

planetmosh-192We had an incredible time at Bloodstock 2016, and there should be enough posts on this site to prove that. We sang, we moshed, we crowdsurfed, we drank, we camped, we met friends, we made new friends, we interviewed 40+ acts…

…and then we got home and found that our sound recorder had failed and we’d lost the audio to all but four of our interviews.

The word “gutted” doesn’t come close to conveying the emotion we felt. We’ve spent time over the intervening weeks attempting audio recovery from alternative sources and data recovery on the files. Nothing has worked. After a while we eventually just had to call it a day and realise that the those precious moments with everyone from Anthrax to DragonForce to Footprints in the Custard to XII Boar was saved in soundless video. Obviously not something we could put up on YouTube or transcribe.

Enter PlanetMosh.

PlanetMosh do what we do, and have been doing it for a bit longer. Like us, they bloody love rock and metal and – thankfully – like us they’re happy to help out a fellow metalhead in need.

As such, they have agreed to let us republish their video interviews. Importantly, for us, this means that the “smaller” bands on the bill – the Jagermeister and New Blood ones in particular – will get a little bit extra publicity. Not a new interview, but hopefully a few more people seeing the ones we’ll be popping up.

Obviously we offer our sincerest apologies to the bands (and their labels and PRs) who we interviewed at Bloodstock ourselves. This is the best way we could think of to make up for losing the audio and we’re incredibly grateful to PlanetMosh for letting us do it. We already have plans for next year’s festival to ensure we have multiple recordings and regular backups so that this doesn’t happen again!

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