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Interview: Adrian Maestas of Slough Feg

Slough Feg - Digital ResistanceGary’s interview with the band when they played Glasgow didn’t quite come off, so the band kindly agreed to rattle off their answers via email. Well, Adrian was the one nominated to do all the hard Slough…

You have been on the go for 26 years. Does it feel that long and any plans for your 30th Anniversary?

Yes, it does feel that long. Since high school!  No real plans for a 30th Anniversary, since we did a 25th Tour thing a few years ago with Gates Of Slumber. I guess maybe this short trip can count for that.

You are on the last date of a short six-date UK/Ireland tour then off to Sweden Rock on Friday. How has the UK/Ireland tour gone so far and, as you don’t get over here very often, are you looking forward to Sweden?

Well Ireland has always treated us very well. The guys at Into The Void records are really great, and keep bringing us back there to great shows and lots of Guinness!

Last time you toured Scotland/UK was 2011 looking at your past tour listings – I think with Solstice at the Garage. So is this only your second time here?

Yeah, I guess it was that long ago. We did a London show in 2005, on Halloween I think, and it was pretty good, but this is the first time we actually did some UK dates with actual working visas. That is important, because the UK customs is pretty sticky about these things and has been known to give lots of resistance if you are “working” without the proper visa. Big thanks to Jamie in Manchester for that!

You’re still touring 2014’s album Digital Resistance, your ninth studio album released back in February 2014 on Metal Blade Records. Your first release for the label, and the album has received a lot of praise for its use of traditional metal themes inspired by Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy. Any plans for a new album soon?

Yes, Digital Resistance is our most recent album, but really, all Slough Feg albums can be said to have been inspired by Maiden & Thin Lizzy, right? I mean, those are two of our favourite bands, so yeah, that is what we are doing, but in our own eclectic manner of sorts.

We are working on new material with our new drummer Addison Filipczyk. It is going well, but we are still in a writing cycle and really don’t plan on recording anything anytime soon, so probably in 2017 there may be a new full length release.

Can we expect any new material tonight?

We are playing one new song on this tour. It will be on the next album, it’s called “New Organun”.

Hardworlder, your 2007 album, is one of my favourites. Do you have any preferences in relation to your past catalogue of albums?

Personally Atavism is one of my favourites, for songs and style. Glad you like Hardworlder though. That was a tough record to make, and the fact that it stands up to the test of time is pretty cool.

Have you guys had any standout tours recently and if so any bands that have stood out that you have toured with?

I liked Terminus from Belfast, and Wasted from Copenhagen on this tour. Skelator from Seattle, in the US is one band that we really work well with. Along with Magister Templi, Christian Mistress… those kinds of acts make a really good show when combined with Slough Feg.

What are your plans after Sweden? Any other tours/festivals, back in the studio?

We will be at the Frost & Fire Festival in California in October, with Cirith Ungol & Omen. Lots of other great bands too!

You signed to Metal Blade Records in 2013. How has that been going?

It’s about the same as most other record labels. We get a budget, make records, and they put them out. I hope we are getting a wider audience because of our involvement with them, but it is still the same people who come to our shows, so I dunno if we are really making progress toward Slough Feg at Hammersmith or anything like that.

Who are your main musical influences – I’ve seen Maiden, Lizzy and even Skyclad mentioned? When I listen to some of the albums I even hear hints of German band Axxis.

Of course we all listen to the Maiden, Priest, Lizzy, Sabbath stuff. But we each have different tastes in music outside of the metal genres. Mike likes Broadway and show tunes, Angelo is all into 60’s psyche and garage stuff, Addison is surprisingly well rounded into jazz and stuff, while I am all over the map into jazz, swing, blues, do-wop, hot-rod, and surf.

I’m sure this has been asked before but why Slough Feg (The Lord Weird Slough Feg) and not Slaine?

Because Slough Feg rolls off the tongue really weird, and sounds so fucked up. Like who would name their band something so off the beaten path like that? Four guys in San Francisco, that’s who.

Header image by Gary Cooper.

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