Focus on Slam Dunk: Zebrahead interview

Zebrahead - Walk The PlankSlam Dunk is about to begin a three-date run, being an unusual thing in the UK – a travelling festival. We’ll be there, but we’ve also been able to snag a few interviews with the bands playing there in the run-up. Here’s Ali from one of the most mental bands around, Zebrahead:

Zebrahead are no stranger to these shores, including a visit barely six months ago with Patent Pending. How many times do you think you’ve visited?

I would say 5 to 200 times in this lifetime but I am pretty sure I was born in Leeds in a previous life.

What are Zebrahead bringing to the party? What can we expect from your live show for these UK dates?

Lot of sexy fun punk rock with a side of bacon.

At the rate you guys chuck albums out, Walk The Plank is almost looking like old news! Are you constantly writing or do you schedule between-touring periods to sit down and focus?

We do love what we do…so we enjoy writing a song here and there when we are not on tour. We know how lucky we are to be able to make music for a living, so we treat it like a job…a really drunk, fun job.

With two vocalists, who writes most of the lyrics?

Matty and I both write lyrics. Sometimes we arm wrestle to see who’s lyrics are better.

Talking to Joe from Patent Pending recently, he detailed Marc’s trip back from the west to east coast after his charity bike ride. Is it true that he came begging to you for a lift and you ended up hiring him as merch guy and then eventually tour manager? And would you recommend this kind of insanity to anyone looking to get ahead in the music industry?

Absolutely! I would also mention that if you can find a masseuse who can tour manage, do merch, and ride a bike across the country for charity..hire them right away!

What plans to you have after the summer festival season? I notice you’re playing Camden Rocks as well as the Slam Dunk dates along with quite a few bands on the line-up?

Yes! We are touring all summer. We have shows in England, Europe, Russia, and a few shows back in the U.S. It’s going to be a crazy!

If you met a band at the position now that you were in back in 1995-6, what advice would you give them?

Enjoy the ride.

You’re playing Leeds (Yorkshire), Birmingham (Midlands) and London (erm… London) with Slam Dunk. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone mentions each of these cities?

Drunk. Drunk fight. Drunk riots.

Finally, an apology. My first chance to see you was back in November, but I couldn’t make it to the Glasgow show as it clashed with Slayer/Anthrax for which I already had a ticket! Any ideas when you’ll next be doing a full tour of the UK (and hopefully popping back north of the border)?

Well, thanks to you… hopefully touring with Slayer so you will come watch us play.

Zebrahead: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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