Focus on Slam Dunk: Boston Manor interview

Boston Manor - SaudadeSlam Dunk is about to begin a three-date run, being an unusual thing in the UK – a travelling festival. We’ll be there, but we’ve also been able to snag a few interviews with the bands playing there in the run-up. Here’s Henry from Blackpool pop-punk/emo rockers Boston Manor:

Boston Manor is one of the “youngest” bands we’re talking to this year, being only three years old. How many tours will this be for you? And how do you think being on a festival package will differ from smaller tours?

I think we’ve done about 11 tours since we started, I’ve lost count now! I think it’s going to be so much more lively. It is outdoors, there’s so may great bands & there’s a real hype around this festival. The Slam Dunk regulars are really dedicated and I think the line up this year has catered to them very well this year.

Your debut album will hopefully be with us this year. What can you tell us about it? Does it differ hugely from the Saudade EP?

There is a lot it shares with Saudade, both thematically and sonically, but it does take a departure at some points. I think it shows growth, but I think if you liked the EP you will enjoy the LP.

Are you likely to play new material (e.g. from the album) in your upcoming shows?

We are, we’re playing a song called “Cu”.

Boston Manor seems to have garnered a big following in the US. How did you manage this – and what happened with the visas that caused you to have to drop out of the Pure Noise Records tour?

I think being on a US label definitely helps, Pure Noise carry a lot of weight within this sphere of music in the states; but I think sharing bills over the past year with some brilliant US bands has helped to get our name out there. Unfortunately there was just several delays with the processing of the visas which meant that by the time they were ready the tour would have finished. It was a real low point for us.

Where did you get the name of the band from? Were there any other names you discarded before settling on Boston Manor?

The name came from a working title of a friend’s band. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the train station of the same name. Naming a band is literally the hardest bit, no names come to mind immediately but I do remember it took us ages to get there. I dread to think what name we could have ended up with.

If you met a band at the position now that you were in around three years ago, what advice would you give them?

Things take time. Be prepared to bleed and get nothing in return. Be prepared to have no money forever. If you love it, keep going and just tour as much as you can. You’d never believe what you can achieve.

You’re playing Leeds (Yorkshire), Birmingham (Midlands) and London (erm… London) with Slam Dunk. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone mentions each of these cities?

‘Yorkshire’ is that word that everyone chants at you in between songs when you play a show in Leeds. Birmingham makes me think of roadworks, curry and my grandparents. London makes me think of five pound beers, parking tickets and amazing shows.

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