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Interview: Richie Cavalera of Incite – Glasgow, 4th Feb 2016

incite-up-in-hellAnother part of the Cavalera Clan touring the UK recently was Richie, as part of his band Incite. We had a quick chat about life on the road and who’s the best of the Cavaleras!

You’ve not long had a UK run supporting Cancer Bats. How did that go?

That was incredible, man. I mean it was almost a completely sold out tour, you know, so the crowds were just nuts every night. Then you had four killer bands, the fans really got a great show and the Cancer Bats are one of those bands that I think every band needs to tour with to learn a lesson from… ’cause man, they’re at the merch booth, they’re hanging out with the fans from the door opening to the door closing. They help every band load in their gear. They let them chill in the dressing room, I mean it’s things that most bands of their size do not let the support bands do.

I’m gonna preach about how cool they are non-stop until everybody fuckin’ realises it ‘cause they took care of everybody man. ‘A’ class dudes.

Brothers for life and getting to do “Rightful Spot” every night. We recorded that song in 2004, and we had missed each other on a couple of opportunities to do it and finally had the tour. It was like we didn’t wanna go up to him and ask him, it’s kinda just, you don’t do it. He came up and was just “Hey, let’s fucking do this song man, let’s rock it out” and that was four shows into the tour. We’re the first band on that bill and he’s the headliner, and the crowd was mostly packed by the time we went on, so we had him kind of giving the fans that endorsement of “hey this band is fucking cool” and jamming that shit. It was just unbelievable and we don’t know if we’ll ever do it again, so that was just cool to have him be a part of that… That was special, man.

How did you manage to get on Cancer Bats tour?

Being friends with him and that we saw him, uh, Liam posted the dates back in August, and I saw the flier and there were no support bands on it. So I was like, “Yo, Bro! Who we gotta talk to to be on this man?” That’s what Incite needs right now, good solid tours with bands that are getting out there, drawing in the numbers so they can see what this band is doing right now. We’re walking into these shows and taking no prisoners, so for that to work out and get in front of some kids that may not even own a Slayer record? Now they’re gonna go check out metal bands because I think of what we got to expose them to. It was a big thing and I really appreciate him being cool about that and giving us a shot.

How has the Soulfly tour been so far?

Oh this is bad ass man, you got the metal heads, you know? These are the fans we’re used to; this is home as I liked to say. Playing a lot of the places we just came through with the Cancer Bats is cool ‘cause we know the clubs, we know the people and we’re seeing a lot of fans that saw those shows coming back and that’s a great sign to see you know? That means we triggered something in ‘em on that tour to want to see us again that soon. So, we got a lot of shows, we got about 30 shows left, and we’re going all the way to Russia, and hitting a lot of new markets that Incite has never been to. It’s always a pleasure and always cool to experience new venues and new crowds and different atmospheres, so this is a rager!

How has it been touring with Max?

It’s always fun y’know, I think he draws some of of the coolest fans. They’re always open to listening to new bands and they come, they rock out. Having him here kinda just, turns into a party when they turn on between all the support bands, we just kinda get to relax for an hour and a half and be fans ourselves. They just, kick ass every night, and he uh, has got really cool set lists and the band I think is one of the best they’ve had, so it’s just been a blast man.

Who is the most talented Cavalera?

[Laughs] Well I mean, that’s a tough one, ‘cause y’know we are all very talented at certain things. I think I’m the best singer now, I think I’ve passed everybody. Max is awesome but I think I’m kicking everybody’s ass on that.

But then you got Zyon who I think is one of the best drummers up and coming that there is in the world, man. He has these octopus’ arms, that are just flailing and swinging. He’s got this new young vibe that is like ‘I don’t give a fuck’ type attitude which is really cool to see in music. You gotta have that attitude, and really present it well.

We’re just kicking each other’s ass putting competitions left and right. Max beat me at Fuseball the other day, which pissed me off man, that was really shitty, but, y’know we all get each other at something, so it’s fun.

What do you think about the ongoing Phil Anselmo story?

Ah man, it’s a tragedy, y’know that he thinks things like that, but at the same time it’s a scary thing to see that, you just saying or making a comment now can ruin your entire life and be immortalised, it’s not in pencil anymore, it’s in ink, that’s what the internet is.

I think for people to think that, that’s a new stance for him is kind of shocking, because I mean the guys been wearing, y’know southern crosses and doing all that shit for 30 years and no one gave a shit but now everybody is so political correctness, don’t offend me and so fucking butt hurt, now it offended everybody.

I don’t agree with him, I’m definitely not racist in any shape or form, I don’t believe in that you know, but at the same time it’s just scary to see what can happen just from saying something, it’s a trip! Hopefully he gets himself in order as far as the drinking goes as well man, that shit’s a poison. They try to say weed and all these things are bad, alcohol ruins your fucking life, that’s something he definitely needs to look in to.

If you met a young band thinking about turning music into a career, what advice would you give them?

Don’t give up!

I think music nowadays has gotta come from development and it’s hard to stay together man, when it’s not going right, right away. Everyone thinks they’re gonna start a band and be huge within a month and making millions of dollars, and that’s just not the case. I’ve been going with this band since we started locally for 10 years now, and you’ve got to just constantly keep going. No matter if the guys quit on you, or what happens, if you are focussed enough and you keep driving, you can get to where you want to in life.

It’s funny that everybody says that, and growing up I didn’t believe it but now I’m in that situation and I can work as hard as I want, and make things come to me rather than just praying and hoping for them. It’s gruelling man. We have 15 hour days, you don’t sleep much, I smell homeless, I look homeless and that’s not by choice y’know? It’s not for everybody man, it can break you down. We have wives at home and all those things, so it’s tough and just make sure your heart’s set on it, or else you’re definitely wasting your time.

Interview and photos by Gary Cooper.

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February 10, 2016 11:08 PM

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