Interview: Alan Cassidy of The Black Dahlia Murder

Photo by James Costin
Photo by James Costin

AoifeFormed in the USA, The Black Dahlia Murder have become one of the most popular bands in the extreme metal genre, establishing themselves with their melodic death tones. I caught up with drummer Alan Cassidy, (who is slightly hungover, playing their second night in London with Abbath) to discuss the tour, and what the metal scene looks like from Michigan where the band are from.

How has the tour been so far, for you guys and the fans?

It has been going well, playing with Benighted who are friends of ours, playing awesome shows and we have had lots of fun. People have been really getting into it which is pretty cool.

For the fans they seem to be liking the tour and really digging the new stuff and having fun.

How has the touring life been for you, and you have had any issues?

I am used to it a lot more now, I still get jet-lagged coming over to the U.K from the States, but you get to see new places, but it still can be tiring. The tour as well has run pretty smoothly with no issues so far which is good, not even with setting up.

You released the new album Abysmal in September last year. What were your influences for this album?

We have one song on the album called “Vlad, Son of the Dragon” which is about  Vlad the Impaler castrating a paedophile, by skinning his face and wearing it, then making videos of himself doing this and sending it to the family. We also have some songs based on suicide and about not wanting to be brought into the world.

I want to go back in time now, and ask how you got into the extreme metal scene?

I wanted to play heavier music as I was growing up with a distorted guitar sound. I also listened to a lot of Nirvana which I thought was cool, but I always wanted to find more intense music, which then spiralled into the heavier style.

You guys are from the USA (Michigan to be precise), what is the metal scene like out there?

In Michigan the metal scene is doing well, but there are not too many metal bands from there, but the USA as a whole has some very good metal bands.

For our last question to wrap things up, what are your plans for the future?

We plan on touring a lot this year as last year we didn’t and with our new album we want to promote it.

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