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Interview with Midnat

Danish black metal band Midnat has been around since December 2014 and in the period of one year, they released two singles and an EP titled De Kolde Vindes Greb. Patrik, who handles all instruments in the band, answered our questions.

How did the band take its current shape? When did Midnat begin?

We started as a project named “Lord Of Goats” in a drunken decision to make cliché black metal. It was the typical “Hail Satan” stuff. We had a lot of fun making the songs. After awhile we found ourselves caring about the project and putting more effort into the song-writing. We thought that if we took it serious and put some effort into it we could make something we would be proud of. When we had made the song “De Kolde Vindes Greb” we knew we could make something decent and that we had reached a sound we were pleased with. We felt that we could only develop from here and make something other people might enjoy. We didn’t want to be a cliché “Satan” band so we changed the name and lyrical content. We started Midnat at the end 2014 so that we could enter a new year with a new start.

Midnat is a perfect match of norwegian black metal and folk music. Does it have something to do with your being Scandinavian?

Yes I think it does. Its something close to us, and we like to show our roots. Its important to know where to come from and take some pride in your heritage. Not that we promote a Nationalistic view, its more paying homage to forebears.

Midnat is working on the new album that will be released in 2016. The two singles you released hint what we can expect from the full-length, but I would love to know more about it. Will there be any changes in the sound?

We always try to develop and grow. We try to stick to what we think Midnat should sound like, but there can always be room for improvement. As to what to expect. We still aim for that jarring sound with good melodies. In hindsight I think the flow in the EP De Kolde Vindes Greb could have been better. Were aiming for an album you would want to listen to in its entirety. Not just an album with a few hits. The singles released might be reworked a little to fit the whole picture in the end. Right now its a puzzle and sometimes when you think you have a piece that fits, it doesn’t in the end. You can definitely expect the sound to improve. All the guitars for De Kolde Vindes Greb were recorded with a digital amp simulator. The new song “Den Ængstelige Sjæl” is a real proper amp. We like to be self-reliant when it comes to our music. We write, record and mix it all ourselves. I don’t doubt somebody else could mix it better but it is still an outside influence. But the mixing will improve with every song as we get better at what we do. You can also expect the album to be completely free for download.

Do you have a title for the upcoming album already?

The working title for the album is Dansk Mørke which translates to “Danish Darkness”. It’s not the final title but it might give you an idea of what to expect.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? How do you go about channeling it into song writing?

We take a lot of inspiration from the landscape around us, which is why every song has a different cover of a landscape near us. “Midnat” means “Midnight” in Danish and the darkness is also where we get a lot inspiration and the mood for the music. I have always been more productive in the night finding comfort in darkness and the silence. Some people find it frightening but its all about perspective. Midnat is about finding beauty even though its covered in darkness and ugliness. Its not something to be forced, it comes naturally. When we know we have come up with a good riff we record it and continue. Its about channeling whats going on in the moment. This way we end up with different emotions in one song which works good for us.

Who are the favourite bands for you guys?

We get a lot of inspiration from the old Norwegian black metal bands. Burzum has been a big influence in the sense of finding beauty in ugliness and comfort in darkness. The albums Filosofem and Belus have been big influences in this sense. Darkthrone is also a band that inspired us not only in sound but also the way they work without a big production.

Regarding our folk influences we have to mention Ulver’s Bergtatt which such beautiful melodies with really intense distressing moments and their album Kveldsanger which really inspired the idea to include folk parts.

We also got a huge melodic influence from Dissection who were excellent at mixing melody and black metal.

We’re into a lot of different genres and naming everything important to us would make this list too long. But it is definitely important to pay respects to those who inspire you.

How do you see the scene in your country when it comes to this genre?

Black metal is definitely known here in Denmark but the scene isn’t really that big. You would have to live in one of the big cities to find it. In the town where we come from the scene is pretty much non existing. I would say black metal is definitely on rise here with more bands getting recognized. But I still think black metal is lacking a little support here

Will 2016 bring something new for the band, maybe expanding members, touring?

We have discussed doing some shows, it could be interesting to play our songs for an audience, but nothing is definite. Bringing in more members is also bringing in more influences and opinions and we feel like what we have now works good.

Where do you see yourselves in ten years from now?

We will absolutely still be making music. Who knows if it has changed a little, we always try to grow. But Midnat will always have an element of black metal.

Would you like to add anything?

We would like people to know that all of our music is released for free on both our Bandcamp And Soundcloud pages. And also.. Danish Darkness sounds a lot better in Danish.

Midnat: bandcamp | soundcloudyoutube

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