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Interview with Fake Heroes

Pescara, Italy based progressive metallers, Fake Heroes released their second studio album “Clouds” in September. Here is what they say about it, among other topics.

So, Fake Heroes. Let’s talk about your musical beginnings. What made you guys step into this project?

Our band formed in February 2012 from the ideas of our guitarist and composer Gianni “Draft Djentleman”.

We were born from the ashes of our previous post/grunge band called Too Late To Wake.

In April 2012 we released the EP ” Beyond This Glass” and the following year the first full lenght called “Divide And Rule” came out.

In 2014 our drummer left the band to join another project, so we engaged a new drummer who brought new ideas and other influences to the band’s style, moving it towards progressive music.

Which bands or musicians influenced your work at the most?

Our main influences come from Skyharbor, Circles, TesseracT, Textures, but also Periphery, Twelve Foot Ninja, Dead Letter Circus…

CloudsTell us about your creative process. What inspires you, what do you guys talk about when you enter the studio?

All the ideas usually start from our guitarist Gianni “Draft Djentleman”.

He’s the primary composer of all the music stuffs. Also our singer Manuel Gatta takes part to the writing of the lyrics and vocals.

There’re not main themes in our lyrics. We usually speak about abstract themes or deep feelings trying to explain what we live during personal interior sensations.

In the past we have talked about our society and economy analyzing all the effects that they have on human beings.

In your music I hear a huge influence of progressive metal but I could say that it is hidden behind industrial metal. How do you manage to overcome the stylistic differences of the genres?

We firmly believe that being able to combine different musical hemispheres creates what is sometimes called “personal sound.”
We think we have done it in our own way: the wide variety of influences has led us to a true personal journey.

This made it possible to combine the industrial metal with prog metal. And then, let’s face it, our choruses are POP.

When you compare “Clouds” to your previous work, do you see a clear progress in your music?

Sure, “Clouds” is the result of continuous development, both in terms of sound that musical composition.

If you have to pick a song that represents Fake Heroes in the best possible way, which song would it be? And why would you choose it among the others tracks?

The song “Clouds” was chosen as the title track of the album because it was like the lid of Pandora’s box. It was the first song composed by Draft, one that paved the way to our new sound.

Draft wrote it in a moment of inner storm. Suffering creates wounds and open spaces as the wind blows through the clouds after a thunderstorm. And then you’re full of beauty and peace.


Will you be touring in the close future?

We have some nearly gigs here in our country and then we hope to bring “Clouds” around Italy and Europe very soon.

Where do you see the band in the future?

It’s difficult to make long-term projects. Now we enjoy “Clouds” and we try to disclose as much as possible.

It takes so much dedication and commitment.

We start working on something new if they do not abandon us.

Fake Heroes: Official website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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