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Interview with Helge Corneliussen of viseMenn

What is the story behind Begging You Please? Does the video reflect this story?

The drama of Begging You Please takes place on an emotional level, the video serves perfectly to give it a context.

How was it working on the video for Begging You Please? Give us some insights to the shooting process.

We were met by an extremely professional team of 20 of Toronto’s greatest, handpicked by director Richard D. Leko himself. We had never witnessed anything like this not to mention being a part of it, and they really made us feel like stars for one day! The band shots took place in a park in Toronto. The weather forecasts showed 80-90% chance of rain the day before filming, and Lars Olav got blacklisted from one of Toronto’s musical instruments outlets for trying to hire waterproof guitars. Luckily the weather guys changed their minds and the day of filming became an unforgettable beautiful autumn day in the Toronto green. To perform in these surroundings and to watch the crew and the very talented actors in action was just an exhilarating experience!

Begging You PleaseAre you satisfied with how Richard Leko handled this job?

Yes, very happy! A lot of big Hollywood productions are filmed in Toronto and Richard has been working on them all, so he knows the process in and out. In addition to directing he was also responsible for idea/story line, planning and editing.

So how long before putting out a viseMenn full-length album? Are you already working on the release?

Yes, we are working on an album, shape and form constantly evolving and time being a relative measure has to be related to us being artists, but shall we say next summer?

I would love to know more about the band’s name. Is this a game of words or direct translation of the phrase “wise men”? What led you to name the band like that?

The name refers to the ancient art of seeking wisdom, practiced by kings and holy men, shamans, ascetics, chiefs and grandmothers.

Are you satisfied with where viseMenn stands today, after approximately 10 years since its inception?

Yes, certainly. Music has been our place of refuge and as such has served its purpose for years, we have had our handful of loyal fans that have made us real happy by showing true appreciation of the music. Lately we have been given the opportunity to go to other parts of the world and perform our music to a larger audience, this is a turn that has been very exciting and a true adventure!

Name five albums that inspired your work with the band.

Queen – Greatest Hits (1981 edition), Shostakovitch – Cello Concert No. 1, Pink Floyd – Division Bell/Dark Side of the Moon, Kashmir – No Balance Palace, Muse – Origin of Symmetry, Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time/Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Are there any other projects that you are involved with except viseMenn?

We’re all involved in the improv project «a Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn» where we meet regularly with fellow musicians and create wonderful improvised experimental jam music.

Where do you see viseMenn in 10 years?

In a spaceship heading for Mars!

viseMenn: Official website | Facebook | Twitter

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