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Interview with Split Bearing

Czech prog metallers Split Bearing have been active since 2002. In an interview with Moshville Times singer Petr Duliškovič and guitarist Mirek Řezníček talk about the band’s history, music and future plans.

Thirteen years is a pretty long time for a band. How did you guys go about forming Split Bearing?

Petr Duliškovič (P.D.): Yeah, that´s right, time flies too fast! Apart from the fact that the music we love still keeps us together, the other element is that within the band we get along with each other very well. This is, in my opinion, the most important thing.

Where did the band name come from? What’s the meaning behind it?

Mirek Řezníček (M.R.): I could say the band name means what progressive music is all about – it is like a multipurpose mechanism with multiple operations in a single device. Progressive music works with many functions, features … just like a split bearing.

What are some of the hardest moments in your career so far?

M.R. This year was not one of the most successful for us. During May, we received an announcement that the drummer was going to quit the band due to lack of time and energy because of other bands in which he plays. For all of us it was shocking and we took it hard. After a six-month break occurred on his part but to reflect this he returned to Split Bearing. This pause had something to himself.

What are the biggest changes you faced in the period of 13 years?

P.D. One of the biggest changes which comes to mind was playing as support to Deep Purple in front of 8000 people in the O2 Arena in Prague and then some weeks ago to play for 80 people in the club – this is a big change, really! :-D

How do you see the progress you made between Somewhere in Between and your most recent album Welcome to the Present?

P.D. The album Somewhere in Between is considered as a demo for the band. It was created and recorded very quickly, I would say it was our first attempt to see how the band sounds. The second album Terrain Echo was a huge step forward in all aspects mainly in the sound because it was produced by famous drummer Kladius Kryšpín (Pražský Výběr/Bloodstone). Concerning our latest Welcome to the Present album we wanted to raise the bar even higher and honestly I think we managed it pretty well.

There have been a few member changes in Split Bearing‘s history. How do you think it has effected your creativity? Especially considering that one of the members was actually a founding member.

P.D. Guitarist, drummer and singer remained unchanged – I would say this is the core of the band and the most recognisable aspect of the band. On the other hand a new member can sometimes brings new energy and change to the chemistry within the band so probably that´s why we made those changes.

What is the songwriting process in the band like? Do you guys work together, or usually someone proposes an idea?

P.D. Our guitarist is the “brain“ main composer of the music we play so mainly he introduces to the rest of the band some ideas how the song could look like and then each member creates their parts and combine them together. For me as a vocalist is always creating a melodies and writing the lyrics as well.

Split Bearing live

Your music is based around progressive metal a lot. Are there any other elements that influence your sound?

P.D. Yes, progressive rock/metal is the main focus but as a band we listen to a different styles of music which helps to keep the music even more interesting.

M.R. Of course… there are many influences. But everyone of us has a diferent music spectrum. Me personaly I love to experiment with styles. It doesn´t matter if my ears hear Slipknot, Machine Head, Peter Gabriel or Björk, if the music has quality performance I am not against anything. I simply need something inspiring to take, whatever it is. I think absorbing many genres has more influence on the growth of creativity, which I consider as important.

Where do you see Split Bearing in the future?

P.D. Hopefully, beyond the borders of Czech Republic :) That would be really nice to bring our music abroad and spread it to the world as much as possible.

What would you tell to potential new fans as a closure to this interview?

P.D. We would like to thank anyone who listens to our music. Our fans are the reason why we do this therefore your support is highly appreciated!

Split Bearing: Soundcloud | Bandcamp | YouTube | Facebook

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