Interview: Einar Fjelldal and Rune Nesse of Orkan

Photo by Aoife Le ROux
Photo by Aoife Le Roux

AoifeA quick interview with the singer and drummer of Norwegian black metal band Orkan, before their recent gig at the Underworld in London.

What were your influences behind the band?

It has to be music. We were inspired to make music from music. We wanted to make our own original music and to sound like ourselves instead of sounding like someone we were inspired by.

Norway is famous for its black metal bands. Do you think the scene is still as big as it was during the 90’s?

I think that the scene has become bigger with more bands, but the genre has become less defined as it was during the 90’s. The scene has become more of an industry with more sensory being used.

You recently released your new album Livlaus in September of this year. What were your thoughts when writing the album?

The lyrics were inspired by forests in my home-town, and the forest is called ‘Troll-Forest‘ in English. So the lyrics are based on nature, and I like ghost stories, so I wanted to create an album which focused on both nature and ghost stories.

What bands have had the most influence on your music?

Bands such as Iron Maiden have influenced me, and bands from the past and present as well, basically any band that make original music and bands that sound interesting.

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

We are listening to Metallica and other Thrash Metal bands, as well as different genres of music from pop to metal, as we like to have a break from metal music.

What are your plans for the future?

Touring as much as we can, we have a few gigs in Norway in 6 months time as well as promotional gigs. We are also starting work on a new album as well.

If you could tour with any band who would it be?

I would love to tour with Iron Maiden, Metallica and Hellhammer, and any band that matches our music and bands that we can get along with and who are friendly.

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