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Interview – Vulgarians’ Ryan Wilson-Preen

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A new band on the scene with their first track premièring over on Punktastic on October 5th. This, however, is their first interview of this promotional run! Many thanks to Dom at The Creative Condition for organising it and to Ryan for getting his responses to my questions back so quickly!

Vulgarians – a new band with a new single. Where are you guys from?

We’re all from Hull. It’s the place we have all grown up and grown to love. It’s a great city. Especially for a young musician.

How long have you been together as a band?

We had our first practice late August-time last year. We worked tirelessly for months trying to create a set we felt confident with, and a set we could present live that we felt did us justice. When we first started out we played as many shows around the country as possible to craft a strong live performance. That was something we really wanted to have in the locker from day one.

Your sound is quite dark and grungy – kind of The Smiths meets Nirvana, but with your own twist. Who would you say are your musical influences?

I am personally influenced by both of those bands greatly. There’s also a big appreciation for bands such as Jesus and The Mary Chain, The Cramps, Sonic Youth and PIL. Amongst a tonne of others. I think unlike any band I have previously been in, this band have a lot of different individual influences and it represents a unique quality to the way in which we write our songs. We constantly introduce new artists to one another and I think that has affected the way our songs turn out in a very positive way.

Your live show seems to have gathered a lot of attention. How would you describe it?

Exhausting! Haha, no, we have always set out in this band to provide a strong, passionate and honest live set. We want an audience to feel the intensity of the music we play and the words we speak. Since playing the first show in January we feel as though the wheels haven’t really stopped and it’s been a great experience for the four of us so far. We’ve played gigs this year we never imagined we would have been given the chance to play, plus even bigger ones to come, so it’s only encouraging us as a band to keep getting better and louder with each show.

After a couple of demos, “Wet Juice” is your first single. What can you tell us about the lyrics?

“Wet Juice” was the fourth song we ever wrote as a band and it seems so long ago, but at the time I think myself and a few close friends were all drained of our day-to-day experiences, and our surroundings – the people we were meeting. Lyrically the song is a representation of the negativities that we all have to get along with. It’s the feeling of something new, exciting and enjoyable that we were all hungry for that gave birth to the song. We recorded the song with our friend Patrick Pretorius in his garage-converted studio. Amazing place. Anyone who has worked with him knows you’re working with quality. It sounds huge and we can’t wait ’til everybody gets to hear it. Since writing the song it has always shined in comparison to other songs, as it’s a song I didn’t believe we would ever really write. We were incredibly fortunate to receiving funding from Warren Records and PRS Funding which gave us the chance to work with Patrick, and create a video. it’s an experience we would have struggled to cope with financially, so we are really grateful for the help we’ve been given.

There’s a video out for the song as well, shortly. Can you tell us what it’s going to be like?

We recently played a show at our practice space that was comically coined ‘Nelson Mandela House’ by our friends (for reasons we can’t really remember) where we squeezed 40 of our closest pals in and played with a few close friends who are in local bands. It was one of the best shows we have ever played and it was an experience I had been longing for. A friend managed to squeeze into the ceiling and filmed the full night – ‘Nelson Mandela Sessions 001’. We managed to persuade another friend Joe Johnson, who is a phenomenal artist, to create hand-drawn ‘flip book’ animated clips to add to more live footage we later shot. We didn’t want to do the old clichés of looking in to a camera, painfully miming away, so we opted to use our talented buddies. We wanted the video to do the song justice, as we were so happy with it.

What next for Vulgarians? Can we expect an EP or album in coming months?

We have some really exciting months to look forward to. Our next show is down in London at The Shacklewell Arms for our friends at Fluffer Records. We then have an in-store show at Rough Trade Nottingham, a night in Hull supporting Hooton Tennis Club before we make our way around the country on our first ‘proper tour’ with one of our favourite contemporary bands, The Wytches [tour dates on the poster above – Mosh]. In terms of releases we are looking to again record with the fantastic Pat Pretorius and release another single post-tour. Then see where we’re at in the new year. We’ll see.

Vulgarians: facebook | soundcloud

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Great band – small point, but this is not their first interview…