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Interview: Prospective

Prospective - Chronosphere

ProggerBologna based djent/prog metallers Prospective released their debut EP titled “Chronosphere” in March this year. Find out what they tell about it in the interview for Moshville Times.

What is the story behind forming Prospective?

The band formed in 2008, when the drummer Flavio Cacciari, bassist Stefano Baldanza and the first guitarist Giovanni Calabrese started playing some sort of progressive metal in their basement.

They were kids, so the band fainted after 2 years. In the meantime Flavio Cacciari started playing guitar and bass, he wanted prospective to remain alive, so he started recording some songs on his own.

Let’s talk about Chronosphere EP. What would you tell me about its sound?

We think this first EP is on the Prog/Djent wave with our personal style but we hope that the next album will be much more personal in sound and style as well.

Tell me about the creative process for Chronosphere.

The creative process is a mix of Flavio and Luca. Flavio is more aggressive and direct, Luca is melodic and he likes to switch the key.

What was the hardest moment in the writing or recording process of the EP?

The entire writing process was very natural, the songs came out easily. Instead, the recording process was harder because this EP is all DIY, and Flavio had to learn al the stuff about recording and mixing. Recording the voice also was annoying because adapting the vocals to songs initially instrumental is difficult, and also we wanted everything to be perfect so there were a lot of takes before the ultimate product.

What are themes that you explore in your lyrics?

The themes explored on the EP are various. For example in chronos speaks the search of a beloved person who has gone away. In Explore the gift of life and the infinite potential of a Human being. Increase 1 and 2 talk about a dream. We also talk about love.

If you are asked to pick a song from the Chronosphere EP as the best representative of your sound, which song would that be and why?

Chronos speaks is the song that represents the new material, but Increase Pt2 is the one who contains the whole EP. It’s very proggy but also violent and melodic.

How do the two periods you describe as “soloist” and “band” differ in terms of creativity?

The soloist period was very personal, because all the things were done by one person. Instead, in the band period Flavio and Luca started working toghether, so more ideas came out, and also pietro contributed to the works.

Thanks to this workflow, the band’s personality started to emerge.

Which bands influence your work at the most? Could you tell which song off the EP is influenced directly by an artist?

The band that influenced us are: Periphery, Meshuggah, Dream Theather, Opeth, Monuments and Tesseract. We don’t have a song that’s is directly influenced by one artist, because we try to mix up all our influences and make it personal.

Being a part of the Italian prog metal scene, do you in some way feel lucky because of it?

We can’t already say we are part of the italian prog scene cause we’re too underground, but we hope to enter in it one day.

What does the future hold for Prospective?

We have a lot of things in the works, like some playthroughs, an official video and a full LP. We’re investing a lot in this project to improve our gears to make live experience even better.

Prospective: facebook | bandcamp

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