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Interview: Daniel Dekay of Diemonds

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Diemonds first appeared on our radar as a Band of the Day early last year with their sleazy style of rock and roll. Since then, they’ve signed with Napalm and had proper European distribution for their new album and played a couple of very impressive live dates. Guitarist Daniel Dekay answers a few of our random questions and lets us know what to expect from the band in the coming months.

How long have you guys been together as a band?

The band really took it’s form and found a solid lineup in the last 4 years however the initial roots of Diemonds trace back as far as 2006!

How did you all meet?

CC & Priya have known each other since the beginning. I believe they met in New York City while CC was on tour with another band and Priya was working for MTV. I had met CC & Priya a few times over the years from hanging around at shows and we had exchanged phone numbers at some point. One day my phone rang asking me to come audition for Diemonds and the rest is history.

What artists in particular would you cite as influences?

Two of my biggest & original influences are definitely KISS (Ace!!!!!) & Megadeth…without those bands I would never have picked up a guitar. I’m always listening to new music though and seeking out new influences & inspiration. Right now I’m really into a band called Dead Lord from Sweden & a band called Royal Blood from the UK.

Your second full-length album is out over here on September 4th. How do you feel it differs musically from The Bad Pack?

The main difference I find is the maturing in songwriting. The riffs are more thought out and there’s less guitar “wanking” all over the place. The vocal melodies/harmonies are a lot more intense as well. This was our first time working with a producer and it definitely helped craft the songs into what they are. Eric Ratz, who produced the record, really helped us hone our skills and find the sound we were truly seeking. He showed us the importance of making a record that WE wanted and not just to do a record that people expected from us. The sound has changed immensely since The Bad Pack but it’s still Diemonds.

Did you tackle the recording any differently?

Absolutely. It was a very intense process and as I said our first time with a producer. It’s very interesting adding a sixth member to the band for the recording process. Eric was there for every moment of recording and would not let us move on if he wasn’t satisfied with the way something sounded. He pushed us to think outside the box and not just settle on riffs. Without him this record would have sounded very different I think.

I hear good things about your live show. What makes it so special?

Thanks! We pride ourselves on an over the top live show. Some of our favourite bands to see live are Alice Cooper, KISS, Motley Crue, & Marilyn Manson – so we have pretty high standards when it comes to a live show. We try to make every tour a little different whether it be new stage props, new setlists, or just on stage shenanigans. Anything can happen at a Diemonds show…

Have you toured outside of North America yet?

Aside from one tour in India & playing in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a boat with KISS, we haven’t had the chance to leave North America yet. BUT in November we will be in Japan for the first time ever!

Are there any tour plans for Europe / UK?

Yes! We will be in Europe in early 2016. Stay tuned!

I notice you’ve shared the stage with a favourite of mine, Faster Pussycat. What were they like?

We love Faster Pussycat. We’ve shared the stage with them and seen them play more times than I can count. Most recently Priya & I went to see them play in Toronto and ended up hanging out with them all night and having a little too much to drink haha. They are awesome buddies of ours and their tunes kick ass. Their first record is always on regular rotation in the Diemonds tour playlist.

Higher up the metal ladder… KISS last year! How did you land that gig and did you get to meet the band as well as support them on the KISS Kruise?

That was a dream gig! We got to meet our heroes AND share a stage with them. The KISS Kruise is an amazing experience and I highly reccomend it to any fan of that band. It’s such an intimate way to see a legendary band. I’m also very proud to say that we landed the gig by being voted onto the boat by fellow KISS fans. Was a very humbling experience. I cried – true story.

What’s the maddest thing you’ve ever seen or done on tour or at a show?

I’ve got a Faster Pussycat story for this one! Ace from FP invited me down to a show they were playing with Tom Kiefer, BulletBoys, Gilby Clarke and a bunch of other awesome acts. So after a long day of music, booze, and hanging with some amazing musicians, Ace & I decided it was time to get into some (drunken) trouble. We grabbed a couple beers from the tour bus and headed back out into the venue to see what we could find. We ended up coming across a port-a-potty with a big lineup (I guess it was the only one at the outdoor venue) so what do we do? We go behind it and push it over! Everyone was screaming at us and security started chasing us. We were laughing our asses off as we ran back to the bus with beers in hand. That was a fun day.

Looking back over the last 7-8 years… is there any advice you would give to a new band starting out where you were in 2006?

Yes. TOUR. Get yourself sorted out, write some killer tunes, and hit the road. You don’t even need to be playing for big crowds – it’s important just to get out there and tour live. Even if only one person in the audience becomes a fan it is a victory. Don’t stop believing.

Never Wanna Die was released on September 4th through Napalm Records and we reviewed it here.

Diemonds: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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