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Interview: Altered Sky (1st August 2015)

Altered Sky band 192Mark had the chance for a quick chinwag with Altered Sky before their recent Glasgow show. His review is available here and don’t forget that the band’s debut album, Without Wonderland, is out on November 20th.

How’s the tour been so far?

Yeah the tour has been amazing. It has been really fun. But it is very strange being away from home. We’re back in Glasgow tonight which is always great. We’re playing Manchester tomorrow.

What are the bands main musical influences?

I’m into video game music. I love the music from games such as Silent Hill and Final Fantasy. But as a whole we’re into progressive rock music and stuff like that. We’re into a diverse mix of sounds. I think that makes us unique.

“Bury It all” is an infectious pile-driver of a song. What made the band choose that as a first single?

It is the most commercial song on the record. We felt it would work as a single because it has that long lasting appeal. We try to bring a commercial element to every song but we still like to keep ourselves grounded.

What was I like creating a full length compared to an EP release?

It was a harder venture. It takes a lot out of you. But we have made the record of our lives, we’ve got exactly what we wanted. Making the record brought the most out of us, musically and mentally. But we feel so blessed.

What’s it like to play in front of a Glasgow crowd?

It’s amazing. Nothing compares to it. Being home and playing in front of our Scottish fans, it’s just a wonderful experience time after time.

You have found fame. What’s it like to be focused on and in the limelight?

It has been fine. We’re down to earth and we’re just normal people that are doing what we love. Playing music!

Is the new record going to explore emotion?

There are going to be a few emotional songs that will resonate with people. We want all the songs to have an emotional twist to them.

What influenced you as a band to create the name Altered Sky?

We were throwing around ideas. Altered Sky just stuck. There was a list, but we felt that it was the most natural name for the band.

What was the writing process like when creating the new album?

The same we normally work. I write the melodies on piano first then we all come in as a whole. Our producer produced a lot of layers but we come up with the harmonies.

What’s next for Altered Sky?

It’s a very exciting time at the moment. We’re going to choosing the next single. It’s only the beginning and we’re very excited for the next chapter. We’re also doing the Pulp acoustic shows soon which will be amazing. We’re all in a great place at the moment, and the future looks great.

Altered Sky: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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