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Interview: Behold, the Tarantella’s Matty Apel

Matty Apel Behold the Tarantella 192Behold, the Tarantella is a project of Matty Apel who, after the debut album Resonance (2014), last month released a single titled “Dreamscape.” About this, his future plans and more, Matty talks in an interview for Moshville Times.

You’ve just released a new single titled “Dreamscape”. How did it come to life?

“Dreamscape” came along from the idea of lucid dreaming. It has to do with the manipulation of your surroundings and the multiple paths you can decide to take within the dream. Now, with the way the entire album will play out, this song will have alternate meaning in the way that it’s about rebirth after death. It can be interperated in many ways, though. I like to be very metaphorical when writing lyrical content, because it allows the listener to tie it into their personal lives even if that’s not the direct concept I’ve written about.

You are one-man band, so what are the benefits and drawbacks of working alone?

The biggest benefit of working alone is that you don’t have to try to get everyone together to practice or record. The time it takes me to write and record is at a far quicker pace than working with a full band. The biggest down-side to being the only member is the lack of feedback when you write. You’re your own worst critic, so it can set you back on the writing process when questioning if it sounds good or not.

Do you see yourself in the future as a touring artist?

Absolutely. I’m currently working with a full band as well known as Phi. It’s our goal to eventually be on the road.

In the Behold the Tarantella biography you say that “there will be always music and it will always be written to inspire everyone to be the best person they can be.” Do you think that songs can change minds of people, lives or points of view?

I believe that music is one of the most powerful tools to help people cope with certain situations in their life. I’ve had plenty of instances where I felt I was the only person feeling that way until I connected with lyrics in music that allowed me to believe I wasn’t alone. I was to positively impact the world in any way I can and I feel like this is the best outlet for me to do so. Plus I really enjoy it, so it’s a win-win for me.

Which bands influenced and shaped “Dreamscape”?

That’s a tricky one to answer, for the list can go on and on. It has influenced from Plini, Sithu Aye, The Contortionist, Painted in Exile, and many more. Mainly I just spill my emotions into the guitar work and try to make the listener not only hear the lyrical content, but feel it as well. I try to allow people to paint a picture.

Do you think your music reflects your personality?

I think it’s a pretty solid interpretation of who I am and what I’m about. I just wish for peace and clarity for every human on Earth.

If you were given a chance to create a band to tour with, who would you invite in your line-up?

Plini on guitar. Tosin Abasi also on guitar. Eddie DeCesare on drums. Simon Grove on bass. Joe Buras on keys.

If you are asked to pick a song that totally explains who you are, what would your choice be?

“Revitalized” by Painted in Exile seems to be a pretty accurate display of who I am. It’s a slightly harsher perspective, but the overall message speaks to me in ways that a lot of songs could not.

What are your future plans?

I wish to tour the world. I know it sounds like something every other musician would say, but it’s true. I want to spread love, spirituality, and hope everywhere I go. I want to be the hand that was never there for me, reaching out to those who have lost nearly everything. I want all of these people that feel hurt to know compassion and know they are not alone. I feel it is my calling in life.

Behold, the Tarantella: facebook | bandcamp

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