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Interview: Martin Spacosh of Between The Planets

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Between The Planets from Prague have just released their new single “Energy of Wishes”, which for the first time includes a full line-up and marks the transformation from one-man project of Martin Spacosh to a live band.

We talked with Martin about the new material.

You have just released a new single titled “Energy of Wishes”. How did the creative process go?

The process of creating new songs in Between The Planets is basically still the same. I make a demo at home – including bass, programmed drums, guitar and the basis of other supplemental sounds (various post-production sounds, synths, etc.).

The drummer and the bass player then learn their parts from MIDI and thanks to their interpretation, emotions and dynamics enrich the result with their input (and the programmed drums are often necessary to be slightly adjusted for live interpretation).

Where does this new Between the Planets material stand comparing with your older works?

The new material is probably considerably more groove oriented and probably contains less chaotic crazy moments than the old songs did. Also a bigger emphasis is put on the atmosphere of the songs. Various metal elements also have their place in the final product.

The new single also introduces Filip Kittnar on drums and Adam Palma on bass which marks the new chapter for Between the Planets. Does this change adds up the variety in the band’s sound?

As I said, each of them has his parts partially defined, however, thanks to their interpretation, dynamics, emotions etc. each of them adds his input to the music and enhances the overall diversity.

Are there any plans about touring Europe in the near future?

Right now there is nothing like that planned but we’d like to realize something like that in the future. It could even be a short European tour.

Which bands would you love to perform with?

We have no such dream bands we would love to play with, but it’d be cool to play with, let’s say, TesseracT in the future.

Are you guys already working on the new album? When do you plan to release it?

The new album is currently in a phase of preparation. I estimate its release on the first half of 2016.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how do you go about channelling it?

Inspiration comes in different ways. Sometimes I just strum on the guitar and I stumble upon an interesting idea which inspires me for further elaboration. Sometimes it’s just some interesting sound. It can also be just some specific strong emotion which opens the gate for other feelings which then start to paint their own musical image. As far as my favourite music goes, I like a broad scale of music across genres like Aes Dana, Eivind Aarset, Jakub Zytecki, Tesseract, Means End, Jakob, Stuart McCallum, Jon Hopkins, Causa Sui, etc.

What is the situation with progressive metal genre in Czech Republic? Does the genre receive attention from media and fans?

Attention of media towards heavy music is relatively small, but there are some interesting and active ‘zines here that give more space to this music. For example, and several others. Also several interesting bands originated here in recent years and their music is worth the attention.

Between The Planets: facebook | bandcamp | soundcloud

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