Bloodstock 2015 Interview – Steve and Chris of Obey

Obey logo 192JimBefore their set on the New Blood stage, I had the opportunity to chat to the vocalist/guitarist and the bassist from Obey. We chatted about their upcoming new album, bands they had seen at the festival and their live setup. It was rather funny towards the end with talk of soldering irons and 9 volt batteries!

Sadly due to some recording issues with the wind, I’ve been unable to get the audio file to be anything aside from noise. Hopefully next time I catch these guys, the recording environment will be better.

Thanks to Angel from FatAngel for organising and Chris and Steve for their time.

MT: You guys are playing on the New Bloods stage later on today, are you excited for that?

Steve: Fuck yeah! 

Chris: Oh yeah, we’re really excited. We’ve been excited since we won the Metal to the Masses and big thanks to everyone who voted for us.

MT: You are working on a new album. How’s that going?

Steve: We’ve got all the tracks and we just need to go into the studio and record it.

Chris: We’ve got some catchy tracks which we thought about adding but we’re going to play the same set we played for metal to the masses as it’s bang on 30 minutes. Writing’s going really well and we should have it out within the next 6 months.

MT: Is the production going to be any different from the last?

Steve: We’ll be recording it just like the others and then get it mixed and mastered by someone. The last album was done at Univibe studios which we got a prize for winning Surface festival in 2011. Production wise, it should be the same but better.

Chris: We learnt a lot from the last album and I’ve come along with some new tips and tricks. So it should be massive.

MT: Have you guys been able to watch any other bands this weekend?

Chris: As many as I could really. I really enjoyed Opeth and Death. We also watched 2 bands on the Jager stage as well.

Steve: Morass of Molasses were really good and Divine solace were great as well.

Chris: Napalm was good as well. I’ve also seen a few on the New Blood stage and really enjoyed them.

MT: What’s your live gear like?

Steve: There’s only 3 of us so we keep it simple.

Chris: I’ve got a little trick which I developed 15 years ago which that fucker from Royal Blood stole! I run a bog with my normal bass and have a distorted guitar an octave above it which adds in the frequencies when Steve is soloing.

Steve: We like to keep it simple, aside from all of Chris’ gear.

Chris: Yeah I’ve got all my electronic gear with my soldering iron and everything.

Steve: Forget get your horns in the air; “Get your soldering irons in the air!”

Chris: “Get your multimeter out you bastards!”

Steve: Chuck out 9 volt batteries instead of tshirts!

Chris: “Fuck! Has anyone got any flux?!”

MT: Finally what sort of set are you guys playing?

Steve: There’s one from the new album with the lion’s share from the previous album. There’s a cover in there as well but we’re not going to tell you.

Chris: It’ll be a good one. There’s no gaps, it’s just one after the other with a big massive ending.

MT: Thank you for your time guys!

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