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Bloodstock 2015 Interview – Dennie Grondelaers and Kevin De Leener of Saille

JimSaille - EldritchA few hours hours before the set at Bloodstock on the Sunday, I had the chance to chat to the Vocalist and Drummer from Saille. We chatted about the response to the most recent album, Eldritch, who writes the music in the band and the bands they were hoping to see at the festival.

Thanks to Andy from Future PR for organising and Dennie and Kevin for their time.

MT: You’re playing on the Sophie Lancaster stage in couple of hours, are you excited for that?

Kevin: Of course! I’m really looking forward to it.

Dennie: I’m really excited as it’s a really great festival. So I’m really looking forward to playing here.

MT: Your most recent album, Eldritch, came out around 9 months ago. What’s the response like when you play the new songs in your set?

Dennie: The response is pretty great. The people appear to like their songs.

Kevin: They seem to kick in right away so yes, very good.

Dennie: We’ve been trying to put more attention to the guitars instead of the keyboards compared to previous albums and people seem to like that.

MT: It’s probably a little early, but have you started writing for the new album yet?

Dennie: We’ve been developing the concept for the new album and we have an idea of how many songs we want. All we need to do is start producing the songs and the lyrics but we are in no hurry. We’re probably going to start recording sometime next year but we don’t want to commit to a deadline yet.

MT: Who normally writes the music in the band?

Kevin: Normally Dries (Keyboards) writes most of the songs. That changed with the last album however, Dries, Reinier and Jonathan (guitars) wrote their own songs and we then came together and arranged them into the songs.

MT: Which bands are you looking forward to watching this weekend?

Kevin: I wanted to see Death DTA but we got stuck in the traffic on the way here.

Dennie: I want to see Agalloch and Orange Goblin but due to interviews I don’t think I’ll be able to watch them. I’ll be able to watch Orange Goblin in a couple of months at Desert Fest in Antwerp though. I’ve noticed you’re wearing an Alunah [Great Band!- James] sunhat, I’d like to watch them as well.

MT: What sort of gear do you use live?

Dennie: I use my arrogant attitude on stage and that’s about it.

Kevin: I usually use a Sonar kit with Sabian AAX series cymbals. I also play with a click so I have a laptop next to me. I use headphones as well so I don’t need a monitor which is very handy. If the other guys make a mistake, It’s not my problem and I just play on!

MT: Thank you for your time!

Saille: official | facebook | google+ | youtube | soundcloud

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