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Bloodstock 2015 Interview – Dan of Alunah

alunah-awakening-the-forestJimBefore their set at the festival, I was able to catch up with a friend of mine whom I’ve now interviewed three times in the past 8 months! We chatted about the upcoming album, Dave’s (guitarist) gear issues and any bands he was looking forward to watching.

Thanks to Andy at Napalm for organising and as ever, Dan for his time. Was a pleasure to interview you again.

MT: You’re playing the Sophie Lancaster stage later on today, are you excited for it?

Dan: Very excited and a little nervous. I think we were just discussing before that this interview is taking my mind of it a little bit. But no, we’re very excited to be playing.

MT: Last time we spoke, you mentioned that you were working on the new album. How’s it going?

Dan: It’s going really well. We’ve got about 2 songs that are structured but aren’t finished, as they’ll probably change. We’re really relaxed when we’re doing it and coming with some good ideas.

MT: Is the production going to be any different to the previous album?

Dan: Possibly. We’ve got some different ideas of how we want to record it and we’re coming up with loads of ideas and concepts as to how we want to do it. That’s a bit different to the last and we’re thinking of ways we can tie the songs together.

MT: I think we spoke about this yesterday but Dave’s been breaking amps again from what I’ve heard.

Dan: Oh yeah, we’ve had a bit of a nightmare on amps and poor Dave’s been cursed. He’s gone through a couple of amps and he’s now back with his original one, which is sounding really good. We’re hoping he’s got rid of the curse now.

MT: Has your gear changed since we last spoke?

Dave: Nope still using the same gear. I am looking to upgrade a bit however. As we’re writing, we start thinking about what sort of sound we want and that has an effect on our set list as well. Our equipment’s changed a lot since I’ve been in the band. I’ve been in for 2 years and we’re always looking at different amps and gear.

MT: After you’ve played, are there any bands you’re looking forward to watching?

Dave: We want to see Black Label society and we want to watch Rob Zombie as well. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. *Looks at band list* Oh and maybe Cannibal corpse as well. Unfortunately we can’t go and see Orange Goblin as they are on just before us.

MT: Thank you for your time!

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