Interview: Jon Lawhon of Black Stone Cherry (Glasgow Garage, June 11th 2015)

Black Stone Cherry logoPrior to their Download warm-up gig, Black Stone Cherry hit Glasgow’s dinky yet acoustically wonderful Garage venue for probably their most intimate gig in years. You can check out our review here, but before the band went on stage we got to spend a short time with bassist Jon Lawhon.

We picked his brain over the band’s rise from venues such as this to arenas and festival headline status. How does the crowd affect the band when they’re on stage? We also stepped back through the history of the band to find out how they met and came up with the name, and how Jon feels they’ve changed as the last fourteen years have gone by.

The band have another slew of dates coming to the UK in the new year, and we asked Jon  how much influence the band have on the line-up when they tour. After all, they keep bringing such good support!

We also took the time to ask about the story behind one of the band’s most popular tracks, and accidentally found out a little of the specifics behind another. Jon also told us what kind of kit he and the band use to get that sweet live sound.

To finish off, we gave Jon five questions to answer about Kentucky. Which is amusing as he’s the only member of the band who’s not a birth-native of the state! Find out how well he did (with a little help) towards the end of the recording!

My thanks to David and Gary of the Moshville Times crew for helping with the questions, to the band and their management for their time and to Michelle at Cosa Nostra for organising everything. Till February, guys!

Oh, apologies for the frog in my throat near the start of the interview. Very embarrassing…

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