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Interview: Threatpoint

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MoshThreatpoint are one of those small, hard-working, self-funded bands that Moshville Times loves so much. The guys took time out of a very busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

I’d definitely recommend checking out the links at the bottom to hear what they sound like. And fingers crossed, maybe they will make it over to our side of the Pond one day!

You’re a new band to us here at Moshville Times, so let’s go for the basics… where are you guys from?

We are from Scranton, Pennsylvania over in the United States.

And how would you describe your sound?

We are definitely a mixture of a lot. There are elements of death metal and thrash, pieces of power metal and classic metal. Being we are different ages in the band we really grab from a lot of different genres.

How did you all meet? Am I right in saying there’s a been a fairly recent change in line-up?

The core of the band has been Cj, Alex and Chris. We have had a few different guys come and go, not on bad terms just that we are a very busy band and we are constantly on the go. Fast-forward to the current line-up. Mike White and Eric Ross. Two very amazing players that were in a band together prior. They wanted what we were doing and the doors just opened at the right time. Mike is an exceptional guitarist. He compliments Alex so well. Chris also plays guitar so now there’s three guys writing riffs. Eric however had a huge change. He was a lead singer/guitarist in his old band but wanted to take over bass guitar duties for us. He has excelled! He brings a different vibe than Ron had. He has a very good feel for the bass. Not just chasing the guitar but also locking up with Cj on the drums as well. Also both playing with a pick and fingers adds to the menu.

Careful What You Wish For is your recent release. How did you fund the recording? Is it available as a physical release as well as digital?

Yes it’s available digital and hard copy. You can order right off our website (www.threatpointofficial.com).

We fund everything, not just recording but our touring, our bus, our merch, etc… We have no one behind us, but we are looking for someone to take us to the next step.

What musical influences do you have – individually or as a band?

Influences are all over the place. Growing up in different eras leads to different favorites and styles. However we come together sharing what we are listening to with each other. Sometimes it’s new bands and sometimes we are way back in time.

You’re not shy about getting on stage judging by the list of tour dates I’ve seen! How many dates do you reckon you’ve played?

Last year we ran about 125 dates. This year we are spreading out across the entire USA so we will see at the end. We just keep adding dates. Sometimes we play two different venues in a day. Exposure exposure exposure !

How would you describe the live show?

Intense… There is no one standing still like they are glued to the floor. I personally hate that. I pay good money to see a show – at least do that: put on a show. Don’t fucking stand there like you are bored as hell. We are a live band, growing up in the 80s watching the greats on stage. That’s the way it should be done !

And how did you get booked for a private wedding, of all things?! Will you be playing covers of 80’s songs at that one

Lol No… They are local fans of ours and they are doing a very cool “let’s get married again” thing. They wanted us and a few others to do it. Actually this is our second wedding. They are off the hook awesome to do!

What’s next for you? Working on new material or concentrating on the live side of things?

We are always working on the live show, adding new songs we haven’t played. Maybe a modified cover of something. We do a few oldies with a twist. People love them. The Doors, Heart, Coal Chamber just to name a few. Currently we are writing our third album. All I can say is that the songs are really taking on a different vibe. We asked fans what do you want… Heavier, faster and darker kept coming back. Let’s just say we will deliver !

If you could make it over to Europe on a major tour, who would you want to be opening for and who else would be on the bill?

Anyone who would want us. We are super easy to get along with. No egos no bullshit. We just all want to come to Europe so much. That’s a mutual dream we all have.

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