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Incineration Fest Interview: Melechesh

Melechesh - Enki

AoifeMelechesh are an Israeli black metal band, formed from a solo band by front-man Ashmedi back in 1993. However since then the band have come a long way, with the release of the album Enki earlier this year, I managed to catch up with the band before their performance at the Electric Ballroom.

You guys are originally from Jerusalem, what’s the metal scene like out there?

We were originally from Jerusalem, but for the past 16/17 years we have been living in Europe. In Jerusalem there were a few small rock bars, but there was never really a ‘metal scene’.

You released the album Enki earlier this year, what influenced the creation of the album?

We are not really influenced by others, as we are our own influence, but the album, was definitely the hardest we have had to make.

You have a guest on the latest album (Max Cavalera from Sepultura) on the song “Lost Tribes”. How did this come to be?

Max is a fan of Melechesh and he wears our t-shirts as well, and because the song sounds very ‘thrashy’, we both thought that the song would having Max as a guest on the song would work well.

What bands were the most influential for you?

Mercyful Fate and Rainbow were the biggest influences for me.

How do you think fans have reacted to the new album?

The reaction to the album has been very positive, both the media and the fans have both reacted well to the album.

What are your plans for the future?

We don’t really have any future plans, we just take things day-by-day.

If you were not in a band, what would you be doing?

If I was not in a band I would be a writer and write books.

Are there any bands you would like to tour with in the future?

If the band have a good attitude, and the people in the band are cool then we would tour with them.

Melechesh: official | facebook | twitter | youtubemyspace | last.fm

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